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 one..two... wait how many more!

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PostSubject: one..two... wait how many more!   Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:34 am

As axel was planning on leaving from the front door, he was stopped by Ceeza, who then started talking about the work that was left.

"And it seems that we have some unfinished protoypes we need to test, and since you were going already, maybe you could test them."

Axel didn't know what to say, he was planning on terrorizing some children in the park, but testing prototypes sounded tempting, at least, if they worked.

"What kind of prototypes."Axel asked seeing if it was indeed interesting.

Well, there are eight things in total, and we need their paperwork done with, and since we don't have that many workers." Ceeza said towards axel.

"yeah yeah, i got it, leave it to the boss to handle the hard stuff, bring the items to the park, i will be there today."
As axel left for the the park, he started to have second thoughts, as he still didn't know what kind of prototypes they were.
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one..two... wait how many more!
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