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 Machines, Machines, MACHINES!

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PostSubject: Machines, Machines, MACHINES!   Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:42 am

As axel was sitting on a bench in the park, he was thinking what kind of prototypes there were, since his company made it, it must have been a real evil thing, or useful.

He then heard his co-workers calling for him, he looked over and saw Riko and Grace, what a odd combo, as he looked at the boxes they were holding, he got a little excited, those must be the prototypes.

Grace came walking over, and gave one box to axel.
"There you go, damn Ceeza, bothering me on my free day, i did my job yesterday didn't i, then why do i have to do this."

Axel looked at her and told her the only answer that mattered.
"It's cause you're getting payed to do this Miss Grace."
As Axel opened the box he looked inside, there was more than just eight things in this box.
"Damn Ceeza, this is way more than five."Grace said after looking in the box, it seems like everyone here was tricked, well except maybe Riko.
"I volunteered for this."Riko said, of course he had, since he would do about anything for a promotion."

"Well let's get started then."

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PostSubject: Re: Machines, Machines, MACHINES!   Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:47 am

Axel picked up one random item, it looked like it was some sort of box, only small and made of metal.

"This form says that that is a box that won't get destroyed no matter what."Riko said, reading from a paper that was in the other box.

"Oh really" Axel said, if this was true then it would be very useful indeed, but there was only one way to test it.

Axel put it on the ground, and smashed his claw full force on it, only nothing happened at all, not even a scratch.

"How wonderful, this can be used to hold important documents."Axel had said this, and there were some children looking at the group of three. He glared at them and they ran away, seems like they were scared of him.

"Well time to get number two out of the box, i just want to get this over with."Grace said.
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PostSubject: Re: Machines, Machines, MACHINES!   Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:55 am

The second item in the box was a rod, but what did it do?

"Ah that is the opening's mechanism for that box, it seems like there are some parts in here that are being used together." Riko said again, reading from the forms he had.

"Hmm, well then let's see if there is something inside this box." As he tapped the rod at the box, it opened up like a box would. as he looked what was inside, he suddenly fell on the floor on his back, laughing out loud.

Of course, Grace was also curious and looked inside the box, Grace may have been a gyarados, but the thing that was inside the box was too much for her, and she couldn't contain her laughter.

She then looked over at Riko, and started smiling and laughing at him.

"Riko, i didn't know that you liked that sort of thing."Grace said while laughing.
Axel was still on the floor, only he calmed down a little to hear Riko's reaction to what was inside the box.

Riko looked inside and imeadiatly turned red.
"Damnit ceeza i will kill you for this!" He said while still blushing, inside the box was a picture of Riko, dancing the tango.
"Let's just continue the tests!" He said frustraded
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PostSubject: Re: Machines, Machines, MACHINES!   Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:54 am

As axel looked inside the box, there was still a lot inside of it.
"Sigh, this is going to take all day."Axel said, while going through the contents, he was only planning on doing the interesting stuff, and leave the boring stuff to Riko.

As he picked up a thing that looked like a helmet, he looked it over, and it looked quite normal. he did get bored though, so he sneaked out while Grace and Riko weren't looking, he was the boss, he didn't want to do boring things.

As he left the park he made sure nobody saw him, he then continued to roam the city, looking for something interesting to do, he had to make sure he didn't go to the park again though, as he had nothing important to do, they would make him help again.

"Well, time to find me something to do."
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PostSubject: Re: Machines, Machines, MACHINES!   

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Machines, Machines, MACHINES!
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