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 Missions available

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PostSubject: Missions available   Thu Feb 16, 2012 7:22 pm

Missions available are pre-made missions. You can choose to do one of those instead of having a mission created for you.

There are two kind of pre-made missions: Requests, and Plot missions. Requests are missions that has been requested by one of our members. Plots, however, are special. Rewards for those are fixed, and will often give unique rewards. Those missions are particular, the NPC will often post in order to keep you from straying away from the plot.

A mission that is Lined means someone is currently doing it. If successful, it will be removed. If it is a failure, another team may decide to take over the mission.

Missions available:

Prime Hunt:

-Our scouts have discovered some particular monuments. Three in total have been found: One in the Forest, one on the Plains (finished), and one inside the Cave at the Fissure. While they look alike... Pokemons are also guarding them. We need one team of two or three Gijinkas for each monument. B-Rank.
Fixed Reward: 5 exp, 240 PokeDollars split between participants.

-A group of ground pokemons have invaded the underground of the Kai Volten Company. Five Digglets and a Dugtrio, to be exact. They have caused damage to machines and prevents any reparation from being done. We need a few fighters to take care of those. B-Rank.
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Missions available
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