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 Jo's Diary <3

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PostSubject: Jo's Diary <3    Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:48 pm

-Name: Johime Eon
-Species: Espeon
-Gender: Female
-Age: 17


Jo stands at a height of 5'3, a fact she likes to taunt Sapphire about. Jo has lavender hair and sapphire blue eyes. Johime is often found wearing a lavish lavender dress. She has a sort of cute and innocent look to her that would surprise someone to learn she is a rather ruthless and power hungry merchant. As well her lazy lavish lifestyle has given her some nice curves that accent her surprisingly skinny figure. She can always be seen with her amulet coin collar and sun necklace.

Johime is greedy and lazy. She has no care for ethics as long as there is money to be made somehow. She would sell anything to anyone for the right price. However she usually has a happy and smiley front and sort of an air head. However in reality Jo is quite intelligence and is an avid reader, when she is not scamming some sucker out of some coin. Jo is very cunning and manipulative, and is not afraid to use people to meet her ends meet. As well is willing to pit rival factions against each other and sell to both of them in their dispute. Jo can often be found sunning in fields or on the roof. Her goal is to set up a monopoly and create a mega corporation in dawnn.
-Job: Merchant, Owner of Sol Trading Coperation
-Items and Weapons: amulet coin
-Money: 300

-Abilities (including additionnal ability): Synchronize, Ability to predict movements/changes weather based on changes in the air through fine fur
-Learned moves:
- Confusion
- Tackle
- Sand-Attack
- Tail Whip

My Tsukihime >:3 <3 <3:

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Jo's Diary <3
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