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 Training to overcome her weakness [Solo]

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Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Training to overcome her weakness [Solo]   Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:12 pm

Suida stood in the middle of nowhere. Grass everywhere, nothing in sight, not even Pokemons. The breeze felt kinda nice. But she knew that it wasn't going to be nice anymore after a little while. She relaxed herself.

"I don't want to be forced to escape again. I need to learn to control my spells in places where there aren't lot of space..."

She held her hand forward, and concentrated on the image of a very small tornado. A Twister that would be only concentrated in a specific area. And after a while, she swung her arm away, created a tornado a bit further away. But it was huge, a failure. She sighed, then tried again a few times. Everytime, it was as big as usual.

"This method isn't going to work. I need to find another method to make it work."

Again, she placed her hand forward. She tried to concentrate on energy concentrating on an area, going smaller, smaller and smaller. Her hand closed itself at the same time. Then she released her hand. The Twister started a bit small, but grew bigger quickly before disappearing.

"That twister seemed to kept the same power, unlike the weak twister I unleashed in the caves. However, I need to keep it small!"

She concentrated again, but this time, she cast the Twister without releasing her hand. But it did not change anything. She tried to keep control of the Twister even after it was released. Tried again, again, and again. She could barely notice the difference, she would need to train longer. But as she wanted to cast another Twister, she felt weak.

"I... guess I can't cast too many spells in a row..."

She laid on the grass, watching the clouds as she caught back her breath. She stood there for a long while, before getting back up and going back to Dawnn.
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Training to overcome her weakness [Solo]
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