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 Description of the Explorer's HQ

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Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Description of the Explorer's HQ   Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:19 am

The Explorer's HQ is where all people who have the mission of discovering the land of Airia gather. All kind of Gijinkas meet up there. Currently, it is the biggest finished building in town. Inside of it, there are many Bill boards. Most of them have maps, either showing the whole world, or only the continent of Airia. However, they are all incomplete, and only show the portion known of Airia. The others have informations about known places. Currently, they are mostly empty, since little is known yet.

On the other side of the Entrance, there is a counter. Behind the counter, there is a Male Girafarig Gijinka, and with a board full of small papers behind. This person is in charge of giving missions. You can see him if you want someone to help you, or if you want to execute a mission.

Mission Types:

-Bounty: A reward is placed on the head of a Pokemon or Gijinka who has been causing trouble. The quester must end the problem, be that chasing them out or ending a life.
-Collection: The quester must search out an item or items the requester seeks, and bring it back for a reward.
-Exploration: A request to find information about a certain area in the widely undiscovered Airia Region. Discover the information and return to receive your reward.
-Escort: Escort a person from point A to point B. You may need to solve problems and overcome obstacles along the way, ranging from dangerous paths to bandits.
-Rescue: Someone has gotten lost, trapped, or captured. Bring the person back safely to claim your reward.

Mission Ranks:

D: Suitable for everyone. Awards 1 experience.
C: Suggested for level 5+. Awards 3 experience.
B: Suggested for level 10+. Awards 5 experience.
A: Suggested for level 20+. Awards 7 experience.
S: Suggested for level 30+. Awards 10 experience.

You may team up to attempt a more difficult mission. Experience is given at the end of each mission, failed or not. However, taking a mission way over your level may result in a much lower experience.

Mission Sheet Format:

Every mission sheet is written by the Task Master (currently the Girafarig). They are placed around multiple places, and they all follow the same Format. When you ask for a mission, the Girafarig shows you the Sheet.

Quote :
Mission Title: A catchy title. To avoid confusion, the mission title becomes the topic of the thread when the mission is carried out.
Quest Type: The type of quest.
Rank: The rank of the mission.
Location: Where the mission takes place (forum-wise)
Description: A brief note from the requester about the problem and what needs to be done. Includes name of the requester.
Conditions: The conditions that must be met to complete the mission.
Reward: The reward of the mission, if any. Hidden reward is listed as ???.
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Description of the Explorer's HQ
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