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 Items in sale

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Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Items in sale   Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:53 pm

All items listed here are items with a price. Other items may be sold, but will not cost any PokeDollars, even thought you are paying in-RP.

Held Items

Binding Band: A band that allows the user to focus on more power for trapping moves, such as Fire Spin and Whirlpool. 1500 PokeDollars

Focus Band: The user can keep fighting for a few more seconds even thought he has no more energy to keep fighting. 2000 PokeDollars

Smoke Ball: A ball that can throw smoke. Recharges after half a day. 2000 PokeDollars

Single-use Items

Focus Sash: The user can keep fighting for a few more seconds after getting a finishing strike. The Sash breaks after use. 500 PokeDollars

Berserk Gene: Causes the user to enter a Berserk mode, increasing his power but making him lose all sense of strategy. 300 PokeDollars

Elemental Gem: The user can break the Gem in order to greatly increase the power of the next move of the corresponding type. 300 PokeDollars
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Items in sale
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