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 Silence is best at times like this.

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PostSubject: Silence is best at times like this.   Sat Feb 18, 2012 6:39 pm

As Leon walked inside his room he closed the door behind him.
He started to use some training movements, and was executing them flawlessly.
He then set up his wave incense and sat down, he started medidating.
He was thinking about nothing, and he started to build up some sweat, as the room was getting very hot thanks to his incense.

He then went and stood on his hands, and pushed himself up and down, he was training his upper body strenght and was making sure that he would be in his best shape yet.

fourt-six,fourty-seven, fourty-eight, fourty-nine... Fifty. After this he stopped working on his upper body strenght and more on his lower body strenght.

He placed some weights on his legs, at least thirty kilo's.
He started doing jumping jacks, and made sure that he got stronger out of this.
"Training is a man's soul, and if you don't train, then you're not worthy of being a warrior."
This was the advice of the leader of his clan, and he always followed it.

He then stopped and and put out his incense, he cleaned himself, and walked to the shore, going for a swim.

-Training is a man's soul, these are the words i was thaught, and i will follow them with my heart.
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Silence is best at times like this.
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