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 Today is a great day, or at least it was.

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PostSubject: Today is a great day, or at least it was.   Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:03 am

Leon woke up feeling good, the pidgey's were shirping, the sun was nice and hot, and there even were some customers already.
Yep, today was a great day.
-Hello! honey!
-Ah crap Leon looked to the left of him and saw miss violet coming down the road.
Well, that was my great day -How can i help you today miss violet.
Violet chuckled at this, and then ran in to hug leon.
-You don't have to be so formal, you can just call me violet, or baby, or even better, Love.
Leon got sick as he heard this, miss violet was by no means unattactive, but she wouldn't stop bothering him, she's there whenever he didn't want to her to be there.
-god, i just hope no one i know comes by today.
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Today is a great day, or at least it was.
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