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 The book of Luke Luquinn

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PostSubject: The book of Luke Luquinn   Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:20 am

Name:Luke Luquinn
Age: 15

Appearance:He has reddish hair, mixed with some black inside.He has really long hair, which he keeps fit with a blue pearl.He usually wears a karate suit, but tries to wear good clothes at formal places. Although his arms are human like, the hand is covered with black fur and red claws.His feet are also red. He usually has an overconfident smile. He has a karate belt, with a dagger tied to it.

Mentality:Only looks after his friends, no mercy.He was an orphan, so he does not really understand friendship or love.When he was a young zoroark, he was picked on by everyone, indicating the start of thieving.He thought thieving was the only way to get a reputation.


Item/Weapon: dread plate which he brings around using a hipsack

HP: 14
Attack: 25
Defense: 10
Sp. Attack: 28
Sp. Defense: 14
Speed: 29

Moves:Pursuit, Hone Claws, Faint attack, Scratch, Night Slash


Additional Ability: Nothing, Illusion is enough

Story:He was a thief when he was a young zoroark, fooling the shopkeeper and taking things. But seeing his wrongdoings when he got caught by the police(finally!), he hated this land. (He was a thief, and bullied by other people, he had no friends)Therefore,he used Illusion and "hitchhiked" a way to Airia, wanting to live a new life. He got off when the boat docked, and found a empty shack, which he marked as his home and covered it with illusion. It is now known as the Shadow House because it is only shown sometimes(Due to Luke's Illusion)

Pokedollars: 450
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The book of Luke Luquinn
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