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 Self Defense Training

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PostSubject: Self Defense Training   Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:12 pm

"Come on" growled Tsukihime dragging Johime along to the training arena.

"No this is stupid I want to go hoome! Let me go!" whined Johime doing her best to resist being dragged along.

"No, you are doing this whether you like it or not. I think it is important you learn to defend yourself".

"But that is why I brought you along and have a security staff"

"Well they won't be with you always, and I might not be able to save your cute little behind all the time. And it would make me feel better if you knew how to take care of yourself" said Tsukihime giving her boss a squeeze to the butt.

Johime yelped at the touch and then returned to pouting. "fine, but you will owe me".

"First I want to see you run from an attacker. It is either your first or last resort. If they look stronger I would run away. So I am going to chase you, you have a 10 second headstart go!".

Johime took off running, she hated running but she was naturally fast so she thought she had this in the bag.

However when the 10 secounds were up Tsukihime sprinted after Johime and glomped her.
"Gotcha" she teased.

"No fair!" whined Johime squirming to get free.

"You need a lot of work woman, but don't worry we'll get through this".
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Self Defense Training
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