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 Description of the Volten Company

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Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Description of the Volten Company   Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:49 pm

The Volten Electric Power Company is a world-famous, and some may claim infamous company that is responsible for bringing all the world the electric energy that powers all the modern technology and convinces of the world, as well as providing the world with raw energy sources, like oil, coal, nuclear power and various alternatives. Worldwide the company has a mostly positive image, yet at the same time has fierce critics who claim the company's oil drilling, coal mining and other energy-extracting processes are destroying the planet and that the company's leadership are greedy and corrupt; purposely raising the price of oil and other forms of energy and stunting the growth of new clean power sources for their own material gain.

However, despite these accusations, the company remains a major force in the world and it's branch in Airia is a testament to that. A shining, highly-modernistic building, the Airia HQ of the Volten Electric Power Company looks like a space built for the future. It is designed in a very artistic, simple, clean, elegant and modern way. It stands large and tall among the buildings of the company district and there is always a friendly, crisply dressed attendant in a suit standing at the door to welcome you in. On the inside of the building there is lots of natural light due to the abundance of windows, and the furniture is sleek and modern. There is a small museum in the lobby that shows all the “wonderful” things the Volten Company has provided the world, as well as a large desk where you can usually find several well-dressed receptionists ready to serve you. There is also a small, modernistic cafe that serves high-end sandwiches and soups, as well as pastries and expensive coffee.

Most of the building beyond the mini-museum, front lobby and cafe are off-limits to the public but they all retain the sleek, modern aesthetic of the rest of the building, except for the laboratories. They are in a secret, underground location beneath the company HQ, hidden from all but the most important employees and protected by lairs and lairs of reinforced metal and secure gates and elevator pathways. It is rumored that they are developing the energy sources of the future in these hidden locals and that the work they do could be highly dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.
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Description of the Volten Company
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