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 Living the Dream ; statless Pokemon RPG

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PostSubject: Living the Dream ; statless Pokemon RPG   Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:44 am

Forget the numbers, the stats, the multiplication, addition, dividing by the square root of 27 to figure out your experience points, happiness points, or whatever else you want to calculate.

And welcome to Alto Mare, the beautiful island city from Pokemon: Heroes!

Come play a civilian, a Pokemon, a trainer, coordinator, or anything (and anyone) else from the Pokemon anime- and movie-verse in a stat-less roleplay setting! No more counting or calculating here, just Pokemon and fun!

Anime and movie canons are available to play! Original characters are of course the main populations, but the option is there.

Play is non-linear, and may go wherever you want to go - all canon regions are playable!

So! Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Pokemon was real? What it would be like to live in a place, a whole world, where mystical, fascinating creatures are pets, friends, allies? Where no one stares at you awkwardly if you yell, "Pokeball, go!"? That's what we're discovering, because we're Living the Dream!

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Living the Dream ; statless Pokemon RPG
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