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 Description of the Tavern

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Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Description of the Tavern   Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:03 am

The tavern is a roadhouse by the seashore. At first glance, one could mistake it for being a wooden shack if it was not of the ''Tavern''' sign written in bold letters near the main door.
The tavern itself is an dark and old-fashioned pub. Sea songs being sang and tales being told can always be heard in this tavern anytime a day.
There are enough tables to seat most customers and enough free space for a dance floor.
The tavern does not appear to have a name; must customers call it ''the tavern''. When asked, the raichu barman says that it's real name is '' The Drunken Raichu's Harbour Café''.
There is a hidden backroom that customers need to pay to enter.

The tavern offer enough spirits and liquors to fit most tastes and the barman is able to mix most cocktails. A wide selection of beer is also offered.
Here is the House's four specialty cocktails:

This blue cocktail is mixt of spiced rum, coconut juice and blue curacao. It's fruity and refreshing.
Here are the formats being offered:
The Squirtle (4 0z) , the Wartortle (8 Oz) and the Blastoise (12 Oz)

This red cocktail is a mixt of cinnamon flavoured whiskey with a hint of rum and grenadine juice.
This spicy drink tastes of fire. It will burn your tongue and heat you up the whole night.
Here are the formats being offered:
The Charmander (4 Oz) , the Charmeleon (8 Oz) and the Charizard (12 Oz)

This green cocktai is a mixt of vodka and melon and lime liquors. It's sour and fruity at the same time.
Here are the formats being offered:
The Bulbasaur (4 Oz), the Ivysaur (8 Oz) and the Venausaur (12 Oz)

This yellowish cocktail is a blend of over 30 different spirits. A single glass can get you totally drunk and it also has strange side effects due to the barman's ''secret ingredient''. Two of these major side-effects are seeing hallucinations and being hyper-active, has this contains ten times more caffeine than a normal coffee cup.
Here is the format being offered:
The Raichu (24 Oz)
(The Pichu and Pikachu format exist, but are not being sold by the house for personal reasons regarding the bartender)

Ask the barman for special cocktail being made after your Gijinka! But look-out for side-effects!

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Description of the Tavern
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