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 Sizael: Fantasy, all welcome, now in chapter four!

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PostSubject: Sizael: Fantasy, all welcome, now in chapter four!   Fri Feb 24, 2012 7:35 am


The kingdom of Sizael was once ruled by thirty-two magic users known as the Elite Sorcerers. For four years, the ranger Havazeti has been in power since her revolution. The kingdom's people despise her, having seen first hand that she seemingly cares little for them or their kingdom.

Recently: with the Assassin Pirate Treaty at threat, their capital under seige and other things taking the Sizaelings' attention, few notice that the citizens of their neighbouring ally, Lemora, are struggling with a danger spreading in their land. As many Lemoriens flee to Sizael by any means even as their borders close, they bring the danger with them as well as the cause.

You change our storyline!

  • Choose your post length requirement!
  • Storyline develops with characters' actions
  • 3 character races - Jateri, Human and Anubian
  • Multiple character classes - assassins, pirates, knights, magic-users, druids, rangers, amigari & trade merchants
  • Magic-user sub-groups available
  • Animal, demon, djinni and mythical creature companions
  • Lots of (optional) awards to earn
  • Competitions, special events & academy
  • Active, friendly and patient staff
  • Remains open during updates
  • Welcomes all suggestions & affiliations
  • Lots of custom pre-made avatars available
  • Some adoptables available

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Sizael: Fantasy, all welcome, now in chapter four!
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