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 Description of the Military Department.

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Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Description of the Military Department.   Sat Feb 25, 2012 3:00 pm

Exterior- It's a building made with white bricks, and it has a large garden, the roof is a round dome, and the entrance is a solid wooden gate, this building also serves as the Military Academy, and the place where the people sleep.

The garden has a fountain, and a course where people need to run, and also a area where people can exercise.

Interior- When you go inside you are in the lobby, there are two stairs next to you on both sides, at the end of the room you will have reception, and there you can sign up to either join the military, or get promoted, this is also the place where you get the missions that are taken from the Explorer's Guild, as the academy accepts the jobs, and the jobs are assigned to specific soldiers or privates.

Upstairs are the sleeping rooms and the briefing room, and also the colonel's office.
The colonel's office has five desks, with the one at the end bigger then the rest, it also has a map of what has been discovered in airia, and a nice view of Dawnn.

The briefing room has a projector and a long table, and a lot of chairs.

The sleeping rooms are divided, there are bunk beds in each sleeping room, as the rooms are shared with another person, the room also has two chests, and a desk.

The toilets are downstairs next to the reception, both a female one, and a male one.
There is also a training room, where you can train your skills and spar with others.
This training room has a service that will train you in a specialty, it can train you in, Fist fighting,Weapon mastery and Gun training.

There are three emergency exit's, one upstairs, and two downstairs.

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Description of the Military Department.
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