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 A regular day at the base.

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PostSubject: A regular day at the base.   Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:03 am

Ryan sat on his desk with his feet on the table and a training book on his face, it seems like he was taking a nap.

Because he wasn't awake he didn't notice everyone coming inside, altough the three men didn't do anything, and just sat down.

It wasn't until later that Celene came walking through the door that his nap would be disturbed.
"Hey celene, aren't ya gonna wake up the sleeping prince with a kiss" Shard said jokingly, and almost laughing.

Celene ignored it and walked towards Ryan, and shoved his feet of the table.
"Wake up you lazy bum, it's time to do some work."
Ryan was still a little drowsy when it happened, and only noticed the stack of papers later.
"Sigh, fine." As he took a pen he started checking the forms, and signing them afterwards. Seems like there were some new trainees, but that was all.

Day-1. Nothing interesting happened.
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A regular day at the base.
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