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 VictorySeekers }{ An Original Pokemon Roleplay

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VS Admin

PostSubject: VictorySeekers }{ An Original Pokemon Roleplay   Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:04 pm

For the most part, our plot is a secret that you can only discover by playing through. However I can tell you that there is an evil team at work on a plan so diabolical, so morally wrong. A hostile takeover of epic proportions is underway, and even the Original One himself won't be able to stop it once it comes to fruition.

In the new world of Varaia, you are a new trainer who follows one of three paths explained by the Professor. As you make your way through the cities and conquer their facilities, you will find that not all is as it seems, for every town has a secret to hide and an evil plot is underway. As you discover more and more of the plot you will be allowed to choose whether or not you support the controversial plan of Team Necro.

Players may make as many characters as they want for this journey *up to 6* of any class. There will be unique challenges faced by all character types, but they all lead to the same road of the final showdown with their respective final challenge and Team Necro. Your journey begins as soon as you make your first character and get your starter pokemon.

Our Site Features:

o. A wide selection for starter pokemon, 6 of which are randomly presented from a list of 20 while 3 are "mystery Pokemon", capable of being ANY pokemon, from caterpie to arceus to genesect.
o. A friendly, active group of roleplayers who are just as helpful and experienced as staff.
o. Lots of contests and events to help you get every pokemon
o. Talking pokemon!
o. A fair, effective battling system that allows PvP action

What do you say? Sound like fun?

Watch the Video!
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VictorySeekers }{ An Original Pokemon Roleplay
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