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 Curiosity in skill manipulation [Solo]

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Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Curiosity in skill manipulation [Solo]   Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:29 pm

Suida arrived, once again, in the middle of the Plains. This was her second time she would train alone on Airia.

"I've been curious for a while... That Twister I made the other day... Was it more powerful?"

She couldn't tell until she felt it herself. She had to use Twister on herself. She took a deep breath. Then, she made her wings on her head grow and started concentrating on compressing her energy inside her closed fist. Then, she released it into a small Twister right in front of her. And the twister grew in size, reaching herself in no time. She was lifted easily, but she could tell it wasn't any more powerful than normally. She flew out of the Twister.

"I guess I could only use this for a surprise effect. Let's try something else."

Suida went back to the ground, and prepared herself for another try. She concentrated on keeping the energy of a Twister inside one of her fist. She then tried to prepare another twister in her other fist. However, the moment she tried, her first twister was let loose farther ahead. She tried another time, this time gathering as much energy she could into her two fist holding each others, then tried to split it. The moment she did, only one twister was released.

"It should be possible... Are those methods wrong, or do I really need more training?"

She tried her first method a few times, but it didn't work at all. She decided to try something.

"I guess this is going to be my last attempt for today."

Suida started making her orb glow. At the same time, she prepared for another Twister. She didn't feel any trouble charging those two at the same time. She released her Dragon Rage, creating a moving tornado, then released her twister directly on it. It created a very strong tornado that she could feel even from her distance. However, it didn't last long.

Suida felt tired after this attempted. She rested on the grass for a while. Those spells were good, but none of them really directly hit an opponent. She would need something else in order to win in the Tournament.

"Those Monuments... I could try to learn a spell from them. But I don't know what the two other monuments teaches. Nor if they actually are about the same thing..."

She stood back up, and headed back to Dawnn.

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Curiosity in skill manipulation [Solo]
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