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 A Raichu at the Monuments

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PostSubject: A Raichu at the Monuments    Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:59 pm

Volt gazed at the plains. It was wide, green and refreshing. A fresh breeze was blowing. A pidgeot was flying with some butterfrees. It was truely beautiful day.

Volt walked toward the monument. It was covered with old symbols. As he didn't know even how to read, it looked like only but fancy drawing to him

'' Che...grafitis! Well...I wonder how you are suposed to gain power from this boring thingie''

Once again, Volt had listen to an old man's tale at the tavern, telling him that he could learn an awesome move by ''meditating'' near a monument. Unfortunatly, he did not know what this word meant

Volt looked at the monument for a long time, trying to figure up how to gain power from it

- Ah! I know how to do ti!

Volt closed his eye and took a deep breathe. He focuses all of his energy on his left fist. He felt peacefull and calm.

Suddenly, Volt roared out:


He swang his fist toward the monument into a wild haymaker. His punched connected.
A thousand volt of electricity went into the monument and...volt's fist broke.

Volt yelled:


As his trainning session had failed and his hand was broken, Volt painfully returned to his tavern while cursing the plains

Volt, the troublemaker!
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A Raichu at the Monuments
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