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 New to Role Play?

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Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: New to Role Play?   Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:18 pm

If this is the first time you've ever done Role Play, you may want to read through this thread.

What is Role Play?

Role Playing is like Improvisation and Theater. You take on the Role of a character you create, and you make it live in said universe, interacting with other players' characters. You do that by writing in small posts the actions of what your character do. It's really simple.

How it goes?

Before starting, it is necessary to create a character. You will play under the role of this character forever, so it's necessary that you play a character you like. You can inspire yourself from anything for your character. Thought in this context, you'd want to inspire yourself mainly of your chosen pokemon.

Once your character is validated, you can start Role Playing. You create a thread with someone, and then you take turns describing the actions of your character in little posts. Avoid writing too much, it hurts the quality of the Role Play. Also, you do not control any of the action of other characters. You can control the actions of NPCs, unless an Admin takes control of it.

Codes of Role Play

There are 4 type of texts in Role Play:

-Description: This is the text type where you describe a place, something that happens nearby (an Explosion!) or, most of the times, what your character is doing. This kind of text is written in Italic

-Dialog: This is for everything that your character says, including sounds (Pffff). Dialogs are written like this: -I be talkin'!

-Thoughts: This is what your character is thinking. While you, as a player, may read other's thoughts, your character cannot know them. Thoughts are written like this: "Who is he?".

-Off-RP, or Off-Role Play: Anything that doesn't pertain to the Role Play. Those are stuff that you, as the player, say to the other player. This is written within brackets: (Are you free tommorow?).

You are free to choose your own way to write those kind of texts. However, it must be logical and intuitive. You can also add color.

What to avoid

-Deciding of the actions of another player's character. Even small actions. Only the other player can decide of what his character may do.

-Making too much actions. Do remember that other characters do not stand still while your doing your actions.

-Making vague descriptions. If the other player does not understand what is happening, he may do something that does not correspond to what you had in mind.

-Poor grammar. Likewise, the other player must understand what you are typing. We do not ask for perfect grammar however.

-Smileys. A described face is a lot more efficient than a Smiley. Those do not have their place inside Role Plays

-Being unreasonable. Mostly on two aspects: Power, and chance. You aren't powerful enough to destroy everything. And you can't dodge everything or win every battle. A good battle is a battle where the winner earned its victory through good strategies, not where the winner got his victory because he was so stubborn to let his character avoid everything. Letting your character's loser side out is a good thing to do once in a while.


-NPC: Non-Playable Character. They are characters that aren't controlled by a particular player. You are free to create one and control it inside any Role Play.
-OoC: Out of Character. Outside of the Role Play.
-RP: Role Play.
-PV: Private. You can add this at the end of a topic title to say it's a private RP.
-Open: Text added to a topic title. It means anyone can join.
-Metagaming: Using out of game information for in game things (such as the name of characters that hasn't introduced themselves yet)
-Godmodding: Deciding the outcome of your action, or deciding the actions of other characters.
-Powergaming: Making your character more powerful than he is supposed to be, dodging all the times, etc.
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New to Role Play?
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