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 Sagacity. [Training]

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Roo Gi


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PostSubject: Sagacity. [Training]   Thu Mar 01, 2012 9:30 am

Roo was amazed that so many people could be in crowded in a street. He was walking with his mother, hand in hand, while his mom carried an empty basket in another. They were going grocery shopping today. Endless rows of market stalls filled the street ranging from meaningless scraps to delicious foods to weird collectables. The air was pungent with different elements clashing one another; at one point it smelled sweet, the next sour, and infinite array of fragrances. Merchants yelled to catch the attention of passing gijinkas to cajole them into buying their products. Roo clutched his other hand to his ear. The two went through a series of stalls buying one thing after another. The basket was soon filled with delicious basic food supplies, and mouth watering treats. The only thing Roo didn't like in the basket were those icky vegetables. He did not like them at all. They were about to leave when Roo's mother stopped and said,

"Oh dear, I forgot to buy pecha berries and honey, stay next to this vegetable stand while I go buy some." She quickly rushed away. Roo stood, or at least tried to stand next to the stand, but it was unbearable. He hated his veggies and wanted no time to be standing anywhere near them. He wanted his mother to hurry back to sneak a pecha berry. They were sweet pink and cream colored berries, biting into one releases the delicate jucies which usually drips down your chin. Not only that, but usually his mother would combine the honey and sliced pecha berries to create a syrupy candied honey pecha dessert. His tummy rumbled in eagerness. Not wanting to wait, he decided to look for his mother and to have an excuse to run away from the wretched stand. How hard could it be to find his mother? As soon as he took a step away from the stand, he was swarmed in a mass wave of people. He spun around in circles from people's body movements. It was hard trying to get out. Somehow he managed to get out of the crowd but the environment changed. Instead of the bustling streets of the market place, he somehow ended up in the run down part. Few stalls were set up, and these merchants looked tough and mean.

He meant to go back through the crowd but did not want to risk getting dizzy again so he decided to walk around the semi-desolated run down part of town. For some reason, it was colder here, damp, and so gray. Trash was littered along the streets and a pack of wild meowths and glameows rampaged the ally. Roo sniffed the air and caught sent of something rather sweet. His instincts told him to follow the aroma and he did. It led him to one of those run down stands. It was operated by an old Alakazam. His skin was run down by years of experience, and had a bushy white moustache. It made Roo giggle. His stand consisted of one particular item. It was those honey'd sliced pecha berries his mom always makes. The old Alakazam offered him a slice which Roo took gladly. Filling with pride he was thinking to himself how his mom always made the best and there was no way this old guy could make them better. Roo took a big bite and was immediately filled with a jubilant surprise. The single bite of the sliced pecha was enough to send him to heaven. The honey was evenly distributed and created a soft yet hardened skin. It was topped with small crystals of sweet sugar and caramalized pecha jucie.

"Mishtur, this is amazing!" Roo exclaimed, happily eating the last bite. He licked his fingers clean and gave an overly satisfying sigh. The old Alakazam chuckled, yet said nothing. Today Roo learned to not take pride in everything; He took out his drawing pad and drew a picture of the Alakazam with pecha berries surrounding him and showed it to the old one. "Look, ish me and you. I will always remember this day for your kindness." Roo happily said. Someone walked up behind him and to his surprise it was his mom.

"Roo? What are you doing here, I thought I told you to stay at the vegetable stand." She scolded. He winced. "How did you even get here... Ahh forget it I don't want to know." She sighed. Roo tugged his mothers hand and pointed towards the direction of the old Alakazam.

"Mom, he makes pecha dessert too, he let me have one" He said. They turned around but he was gone. His mom looked at him weirdly but didn't say a word and continued together back home. On the way, Roo wondered what happened to the old Alakazam, but couldn't help smiling.

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Sagacity. [Training]
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