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 This food is... Amazing! (solo)

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Zero Fahrenheit

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PostSubject: This food is... Amazing! (solo)   Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:14 am

Zero was hungry and was looking around the food quarters.
He saw some places that looked interesting, and he was hungry so he couldn't be picky.
He just wished that there was a place that sold his favorite ice cream, 'Super choco extra large vanilla sundae'. He didn't mind that people looked at him funny when he was eating it, and he also didn't mind removing half of his mask to eat it, as he could slide his mask around.

He did however still tried to hide his face most of the time, so he wouldn't go eat it with someone else.

He saw a strange stand and it looked a bit weird, but there it was, his favorite ice cream.
Super choco etc etc.
He walked towards the stand, and looked around, there was no one there at all, that is, untill he looked down.

There was a little snover boy, who might not even be older then 7.
He started getting some bad memories but decided not to thing about it too much, he shouldn't ignore all snover just because of his own lost son.

He bought one of the ice cream, and loved every bit of it, this was his favorite ice cream, for sure.
He wanted to go back but it seemed that the stand had moved, as it had wheels it wouldn't be impossible, he now had a new place to eat, but he didn't know where it was.

Well then, i guess i have to look for it next time.

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This food is... Amazing! (solo)
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