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 Zoro the zoroarks training

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PostSubject: Zoro the zoroarks training   Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:01 pm

Zoro needed to hone his skills. He knew he relied to much on his ability and he wanted change that. Zoro picked a place in the arena and decided to test his reflexes. He sat down indian style and began to focus. In his mind he summoned another zoro. this zoro had the same attacks, this was known as shadow training. Zoro stood back up and waited for his shadow to attack. The shadow used fury swipes and attacked Zoro rapidly. Zoro dodged the attacked but slipped on some mud.

God damit, stupid mud why now!

Zoro tried to shrugg off the embarrassment, but he was to embarrassed to continue. Next time he would bring Xaiver to train with him. This way training will be more efficient, and he would probably find different place to train. As Zoro was leaving the arena, he realized he used his ability to help him train to not use his ability. He face palmed.

This maybe harder then i thought
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Zoro the zoroarks training
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