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 Description of the Dojo

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PostSubject: Description of the Dojo   Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:36 pm

The dojo is clearly a 2 story building made out of mainly wood. Building it self is clearly huge. On the front entrance there is a big wooden gate about 13 feet tall and 4 ft wide. On top of the gate there is a sign that says "Dojo." As you enter inside the gate there is a open space for training. There are wooden dummies, Exercise machines etc. The field was clearly for beginners. As you enter the building you a see a small room with says "training area for Green-Purple" If you look around the room there is no other door that will led u further into the dojo or even to the 2nd story.

After becoming a red belt your sensei shall tell u the secret entrance to the next room. The next room has a sign that says "Red-brown 1st." It was big, much bigger then the previous room. This room would training in reflexes, techs, and there are door at the back of the room for sparring.

After being a black belt your sensei shall instruct you on how to get to the next room for training. The room for the black belt is INSANELY huge it would make up 38% of the dojo (not including the 2nd floor) In the black belts room, you train independently most of the time. This room has all the exercise machines in the previous rooms, and including much more. Here you train in you specialized area such has hand to hand, swordsman, archery. You can also training on the machines which helps with agility, attacking speed, endurance, stamina, thrill of fighting, eye coordination, hand-eye coordination.

Ranks in dojo

Rumors around the Dojo: (note this are rumors, maybe or may not have a significant plot in future rps)


Npc workers:
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Description of the Dojo
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