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 A run around town, helpin people on the way. [training]

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Zero Fahrenheit

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PostSubject: A run around town, helpin people on the way. [training]   Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:42 am

Zero left his house, and looked in his mail, he noticed a letter from a person he didn't know.
This letter just had some advertisement on it, and nothing else. but he also found a little package.
He opened the package, and there was something round inside.

He wanted to get it out, but before he had a chance a little teddiursa girl talked to him, sobbing a bit.
"I can't find my mommy!" She said crying. Zero felt sorry for her, and wanted to help her. He put down the package, and went to the girl.

"How does your mother look?" He said, he had no problem talking to young people, as they wouldn't recognise him anyway.

"She is big and pretty, and daddy aways say he likes her round ears." She said, feeling a little better.

Zero nodded and started looking for this woman, after a while they heard a yell from behind them.
The mother was there and she looked worried. The little girl ran towards her mother.
And the mother hugged her, after that they gave their thanks and walked away again.

Zero felt good helping people, but he almost forgot his package at home, what could it be.
Before he could walk back home though, a old roselia lady asked him the way to the exploration headquarters.

Zero gave some directions, but she didn't seem to understand, so he carried her on his back, and walked towards the Guild.

After they arrived he got some candy from the woman, and she walked inside.
Zero just sighed, and started walking back home again, but there was a yell behind him.

A young venonat man was being robbed by a skuntank delinquent. after running towards them the skuntank looked at you and ran towards you to attack you.

Zero just shot a ice beam at him, and the skuntank fell on the floor, unconcious.
"That was suprisingly easy." He said.

After many thanks from the venonat man, he left again, going home to see what was in that package.
When he came home the package was gone, maybe stolen, maybe seen as trash.

Zero fell to his knees and put his hands on the floor.
"Worst, day, ever." He said.
He went back inside, and there was the smell of cooking in the air.
Strange who was in his house?
After walking to the kitchen, the neighbour lady was there, baking a cake.

"Hey, i found a package before your house, and i kinda broke it, so i'm cooking you a meal as apology."

Zero just sighed, and sat down at his table, wondering how the neigbour lady even got in, he then just put his head on the table, nad rested for a bit.

"Today was tiresome, but maybe tommorow will be better." He said that and ate, then he went to bed for the day.

My diary
~ Zero below ~
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A run around town, helpin people on the way. [training]
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