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 Mugen's bad day. [free/open]

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Mugen Kishin


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PostSubject: Mugen's bad day. [free/open]   Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:05 pm

Mugen was having a bad week. But he today was the worst. After waking up from his bed, his back was aching along with his shoulders. His knees were wobbly and he had a huge headache. He heard of that there was a deep fissure somewhere north-west. And Along the walls there was a cave. Mugen heard that not many people visit there because it was too scary and too... quiet. The archeologists have yet to still explorer it.

A cave? with no people? Mugen thought Well if it must be scary and quiet, maybe thats what i need

On Mugen's way to the cave, he noticed that his aches weren't as bad as before. When Mugen entered the entrance to the cave he noticed there was no torches. Perfect, no light good place to meditate He entered the cave and kept walking. He got deeper into the cave. He finally found a nice spot to stop and meditate. It was on a giant stone with a nice smooth surface. Mugen climbed on the spot, sat down indian style, closed his eyes and meditated.
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Mugen's bad day. [free/open]
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