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 Volt's lonesome starry night

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PostSubject: Volt's lonesome starry night    Thu Mar 22, 2012 11:37 pm

A light and fresh breeze was blowing upon the sea. The night was dark and the ocean looked like an endless sea of black waters. It was calm and relaxing.
Volt was not drunk for once, nor was he hung over.
He was calm. Sadness had took hold of his heart.

It was one of these moonless night where you feel so tiny,
so lonely that you can only but philosophize about your own life, even if you are the dumbest of the idiots, such as Volt.

Volt entered the cold waters, naked and thinking about how meaningless was h is life.

He opened his arm as well as his heart, and accepted the pain that the coldness of water caused him.

'' Should I die tonight?'' Volt wondered

Volt looked up to the sky. His tail was waving into the water, creating small wake.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

His whole body was relaxed and soft.

And bended his knee untill his shaven head was fully underwater.

All of his pains became stronger. The deep katana cuts on his back. The bruises on his arms. The burns on his body.
A couple of magikarps were swimming near him.

He was about to run out of oxygen.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and flexed his muscles as hard as he could.

A great pain appeared in his lung.

His golden cheeks began to hitch.

Wild arcs of electricty were running down his body underwater, illuminating the sea with a light golden light.
He was drowning.

'' I am...weak''

Volt suddenly rose up from the water and began to shoot wild thunderbolts wildly into the air and sea.
The water pokemon that were near him flew offshore.

He tought to himself

''still too weak. There is no point in living if I am that weak''.

Volt delivered a punch into the sea with so much strength that his fist collided with the sand beneath his feet.

Despite the resistance of water, he hurted his knuckles.

All calm had faded away from his heart.

Once again he was angry.

He was in rage.

Stronger electric arcs were running down his body. The yellowish light glowing from himself was growing.
He shouted:

''I am Volt''

He flexed his muscles harder and shouted again:

'' I am...VOLT''

Volt then concentrated and yelled with all of his might, releasing all of his energy supplies at once:


Then something bizare occurred.

A clound-less thunder roared upon the sea and a huge lightning bolt struck his body.
The shock was so powerfull he almost fainted,but he took an hold of himself and endured it.
It was as if lightning bolts were keeping hitting his body.
His eyes turned white, then the lightning bolts stopped as well as the thunder.

He whispered his name ''Volt'' and walked some steps toward the shore before fainting on the beach.

Volt, the troublemaker!
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Volt's lonesome starry night
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