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 Oh my dear god... what have i done! (Solo)

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PostSubject: Oh my dear god... what have i done! (Solo)   Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:06 am

Lucy was skipping to school, she was planning on using her potion on her hot classmate, Daniel the Gallade. She was going to school and met her friend bunny on the way.

"What are you so happy about?" She asked.

Lucy just smiled, and then put her finger in front of her mouth.
"That's a se-cr-et, but i can tell you this, today is the day Lucy Luffet get's a boyfriend! you can count on that!" She said, almost jumping a hole into the sky.

When they got to class, she sat through it all day, just smiling, waiting for a chance for her and daniel to be alone, the Gallade gijinka was looking out of the window, as usual, and Lucy couldn't help but look at him all day.

When class was over, everyone was leaving, altough daniel was still looking out of the window.

Lucy had already put the potion into a drink, and walked towards Daniel.

"Here, if you're thirsty, please drink this." She said shyly.

Daniel looked around, and blushed for a second, he took the drink.
"Thanks lucy, i was getting kind of thirsty, yes." He said smiling.

As he took a sip, lucy couldn't help but grin, It was finally coming, Daniel was going to fall in love with lucy, and they would get in a happy family.

But then someone opened the door, it was their teacher, Miss Sunflower. Daniel looked who was coming through the door, and then it happened, in that one quick moment, lucy's chances with Daniel broke, as he fell in love with the teacher instead.

"what are you two still doing here, class is already over." Miss sunflower said.

Daniel stood up, and walked towards her.
"I was hoping to get some private lessons with you Alexia." He said, saying her first name.

Alexia Sunflower just looked at Daniel's face.
"Okay, you never pay attention in class anyway, so we will start tommorow, and i'd like you to call me miss Sunflower."

While this was going lucy just stood there, a blank stare at what was happening, and her eyes looked as if her soul was sucked out.

As the two left the classroom Lucy just fell on her knees.
"...what ...what just happened." She said, not believing what just happened, defeated she left for home, knowing that she had to find someone else.

"Sigh... i guess daniel is out of the question now, maybe Sephirem, he's handsome too."
With that she hopped back home, setting her eyes on her new target.
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Oh my dear god... what have i done! (Solo)
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