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 PE, time to work up a sweat! (Training)

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PostSubject: PE, time to work up a sweat! (Training)   Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:33 pm

As lucy was in her PE clothes, she was ready to start her classes.
Her class had to start with stretching, and then a jog around the field, which was easy, as she was in the Track and Field club.

As she was jogging, the gym teacher decided to make the boys run a little longer, and the girls had to jump over the vault.

She jumped over the vault, and then looked to what the boys were doing.
They were still running, and there was Sepharim, how beautiful his long hair was, and how nice his steel scales, yes, Sepharim was a Steelix, so he was very tough.

She could just look at him all day, altough she had to continue her lessons.

After the lessons were done, they had to shower, and then go home.

"I worked up quite a sweat." She said, and then started heading home.
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PE, time to work up a sweat! (Training)
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