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 Equivalence of Game-based stuffs

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Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Equivalence of Game-based stuffs   Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:45 pm

Because pokemon is mostly game-based, it is important to mention how they are used in this Role Play Forum.

A list of what is mentionned:
-Experience and Level-up
-Moves (including TMs, Egg Moves and such)
-Status Effects


Similarly to the games, this RP takes the same 6 stats. Those stats are purely used for comparison, and thus there is no HP Bar dropping or Accuracy check or whatever.

-HP: Your endurance. The more you have, the longer you can keep fighting despite damage you may have taken.
-P. Attack: Your Force. How strong your physical attacks are.
-P. Defense: How bulky you are. It's like wearing an armor, protecting you from attacks.
-M. Attack: Your ability to summon magical stuff. Someone with a low Magical Attack won't be able to concentrate on doing a good Thundershock.
-M. Defense: Similar to P. Defense, but affects immaterial attacks. It can also apply to magical properties of a physical attack (such as Fire Punch).
-Speed: Your ability to move switfly.

Upon registration, stats will be given to you depending on the Base Stats of your chosen pokemon as well as the two stats you chose for Malus and Bonus. The base stats are brought down to equal 120 in total, while still keeping the same proportions. 4 points of Bonus or Malus are applied to your chosen stats.

Experience and Level-up

Every RP post you do, you get one Experience points. Completing missions awards you additionnal points, depending on how your mission went. You level up everytime you reach a certain total sum of experience. The first level requires 10 Experience, and every level after requires 5 points more than the previous needed. When you have ennough points, you have to do a training or a battle in order to level up, and then notify us of your level-up in the appropriate subject.

Once you level-up, you will gain 5 Stat Points that you may place into the Stats you want. However, you may not put more than 2 points in the same stat per level. You also gain 2 Learning Point (LP) that you can use for learning a new Move. After reaching level 20, you gain 3 LP instead of 2, since your Gijinka is getting used to learn new skills.

The cost for a new Move are as follow:
-Level Moves: All moves require their level divided by 10, rounded to the lowest value +1, in LP cost. Start moves that have a Power higher to 60 cost 4 LP instead. Pokemons that learn almost no moves after evolving (such as Ninetales) can learn moves of its previous evolution.
-TM/HM and Egg Moves: The formula is as follow: LP cost = 9 - (PP / 5). In example, Hyper Beam will cost 8 LP to learn.
-Tutor Moves: Varies depending of the move. It will be mentionned from the particular NPC that can teach you.

List of Levels by Experience:

You can level up twice if you have the necessary experience for reaching the second level at the end of your battle/trainiing. However, you can't level up 3 or more times at once.


In this Role Play, a Gijinka may not "Evolve" to the next pokemon. It is born as a particular pokemon, and will live its entire life as one.

The link between Evolution trees are only their family. A family may consist of every pokemon from a particular Evolution tree.


Because you are half-Human, half-Pokemon, Types aren't as representative as they are in the games. Apply logic in those cases: Water isn't going to be more efficient on a Fire Gijinka it it didn't even hit one of its flames, if it has any.

Also, a Flying Gijinka may not be able to fly, while a Water Gijinka may not be able to swim or breath underwater. Again, apply logic: you can't fly if you don't have wings or Levitate. Water pokemon that cannot swim or breath underwater are rarer, and is mostly you who decide as you create your character.

Ghost types have the particularity to phase into an Immaterial body. You cannot hit them with a Normal or Fighting attack when they are like this, but they cannot hit you in return with a physical Normal or Fighting attack unless they go back to a material body.


There are a few things to mention about moves:

-A Move's stats may not correspond exactly to what it is in the games. Power is the power of a Move, like normal. Accuracy determines how easy it is to miss. However, an Accuracy of 100 doesn't mean you will always hit. No Accuracy means it's so precise it will take some particular strategy to be able to dodge it. As for PP, it represents how difficult and exhausting it is to execute a Move.

-When you create your Gijinka, you can choose 4 moves that you naturally learn up to level 19. You can't choose Start Moves that has over 60 Power.

-When you learn a Move, you must train it before being able to use it correctly in battle. You can attempt to learn it in battle, but it will disadvantage you.

-A Move learned by Level-up costs LP following the formula: Level / 10 (rounded to lowest value) +1. Pokemons that learn almost no moves after evolving (such as Ninetales) can learn moves of its previous evolution. Because it's a move that your Specie naturally learns, you don't need to find someone or something to teach you. You must still train it.

-A Move learned by TM/HM costs LP following the formula: 9 - (PP / 5). You need to find a player or NPC that knows the Move to teach you, or to read some sort of Manual before practising.

-A Move learned by Egg Move has the same cost of TMs and HMs. However, unlike TM/HM, no Manual can teach you, you need to find a Player or NPC to teach you.

-A Move learned by Tutor has a varying cost. Only an NPC may teach you, and the cost in LP will be mentionned.

-Moves learned other ways cannot be learned outside of an event.

Cost for TM/Egg moves wrote:
5 PP: 8 LP
10 PP: 7 LP
15 PP: 6 LP
20 PP: 5 LP
25 PP: 4 LP
30 PP: 3 LP
35 PP: 2 LP
40 PP: 1 LP

Status Effects

Status effects may cause a bit of problems to understand. Most due to the fact that in-game, status effects seem very powerful, so it needs to be asked how powerful it is here.

-Paralysis: Paralysis is a status that affects the muscle. As such, a paralyzed person may need a bit more effort to actually move, and thus tire a bit more quickly. It is easier, in those case, to stop trying to run and focus all effort on attacks. It is naturally cured over time.

-Burn: Fire caught onto you or your clothes. Better extinguish that fire fast!

-Poison: Poison slowly exhausts the opponent. Toxic Poison causes pain too. However, they are not deadly and will naturally be cured over time.

-Confusion: You feel dizzy, and thus have trouble concentrating. You don't hurt yourself, unless you faceplant or something.

-Sleep: You feel drowzy, and may lose the will to fight. Pain keeps you awake more easily.

-Frozen: The cold has gotten to your muscles. You may find yourself having trouble moving a particular part of your body, or being unable to move it at all. Thaws out with time, faster if you're a fire type or get close to fire.


In Gijinka World, you start with one Ability that your pokemon may learn outside Dream World. You gain your second ability once you reach level 10. You may turn on and off any ability as you want to, unless it's a purely negative ability (so that means you can stop Sand Stream in town, but a Slaking can't help being lazy). Dream World abilities may not be learned currently, they will become available after a particular event.


Here, the money is the PokeDollars. However, there is no use for money. You may claim to be poor or be rich, as you want. Your main income are usually from your job and from missions.
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Equivalence of Game-based stuffs
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