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 PokeFiends, a Mature Pokemon RP

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PostSubject: PokeFiends, a Mature Pokemon RP   Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:20 pm

Come, join us at PokéFiends, where you can enjoy...

  • A canon and original character roleplay.
  • All the settings from the main games and side games. Also some from the anime.
  • Multi-canon allowed. (Manga, game and anime canons.)
  • Open community.
  • Intermediate to advanced welcome! (Beginners seeking to improve are welcome, too!)

PokéFiends is a multi-region Pokémon roleplay board that welcomes both canon and original characters. The canon limit is generous, so don't be afraid if you have a lot of canons you like. The original character limit is nonexistant. We welcome all forms of the fandom canon, be it game, anime or manga. And we do our best to meld them together seamlessly into one board.

We also offer an interactive plot that is constantly developing. Events on the board affect whether or not the world will feel Arceus' Judgement. There is also a dark sinister force that is slowly beginning to emerge. No one is sure what it is, as it's neither human nor Pokémon... but rather just shadow and dust. This great Darkness is attempting to overtake everything Arceus has created.

PokéFiends has been around for awhile, and we have a small but strong community of friendly members who are always looking to add people to our family on the board.

So, come, join us at PokéFiends... and find out where you stand!

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PF Admin

PostSubject: Re: PokeFiends, a Mature Pokemon RP   Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:21 pm

Links are broken.

Here is a link to the board.
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PokeFiends, a Mature Pokemon RP
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