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 an npc enemy

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PostSubject: an npc enemy   Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:38 pm

since this is a role play and ther will be missions involved how bout we include a npc enemy and ther bases. For example if u ever play a vampire rpg (never played one im just assuming) ur natural enemy is a werewolf so u and ur team (friends/people u just met ectt...) would infiltrate ther hideout and attack them, so for pokemon gijinka i was thinking about gijinka hunters a natural enemy of gijinka

I do know this doesnt make sense but i cant find a way to explain any better i will re edit this if i can find a example or a better way to explain

EDIT: I GOT IT basically a team rocket!!!!

i dont mean like that, its just a natural enemy that we invade and attack For example for a mission: "We have found a Hunters Base ur mission is the infiltrate and attack." so then u go under missions, then click enemy base and u make a thread about it on how u infiltrated and attack it, then one of the admins rate u on ur mission and ect....

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PostSubject: Re: an npc enemy   Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:47 pm

I do know what you mean. I am planning to eventually create a "NPC" account. However, I am not planning to reply to every single mission. I have a lot of works outside the forums, so RPing with everyone doing a mission would be simply impossible, especially since I'm extremely poor at managing my time!

This NPC account will serve for two purposes:
-Important interactions with NPCs in town. Currently, there's two NPCs: the one at my Library, and the one at the Explorer's HQ. The one at my Library isn't important, so a player can take control of him. The one at the Explorer IS important, so I'll control him.
-Important NPCs in events. Not the regular baddies, but the Boss of those baddies.
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an npc enemy
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