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 Moves and Abilities

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Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Moves and Abilities   Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:40 am

Some Moves or abilities are troublesome to understand and place into a Role Play. This topic will help you understand how a move works. A move/ability only in Bold means this is only a way to inspire yourself, you can varie it in a way or another, without making so much change it becomes entirely a new move or ability. A move/ability in bold red means its power or effect has been modified for balance reasons, and should be followed. Those will usually be moves that may tend to be overpowered when placed outside a game (such as Recover) or, in the opposite, seem to be too weak (mostly Water moves).


Bug Type

Attack Order: Controls Combee Pokemons to attack simultaneously.

Bug Bite:
Repetedly bites the opponent in a fast motion. Also increases the effect of a berry, but won't steal a berry from an opponent.

Bug Buzz: Quickly vibrate wings in order to create a strong soundwave

Defend Order: Controls Combee Pokemons to defend the user.

Fury Cutter: Switfly slashes the opponent. A successful hit multiplies the pain from the previous Fury Cutter if done in the last two seconds.

Heal Order: Drains the energy of one of your Combee, causing you to recover a bit of stamina and stopping pain. However, this Combee will be unable to fight for a whole day.

Leech Life: Plants your teeth onto the opponent and drain their blood.

Megahorn: A powerful attack using your horns.

Pin Missile: The user throws multiple pins from his body.

Quiver Dance: Performs a beautiful and mystic dance, increasing the user's speed and Special stats for a short while. The longer it is done, the longer the effect will last (If you performed for 10 seconds, it will wear off after 10 seconds).

Rage Powder: Spread an irritating powder, causing others to hate you.

Signal Beam: Throws a multi-colored beam at an opponent. Seeing this from too close may cause one to see colors (kind of like when you look at the sun).

Silver Wind: Summons a wind with crescents at the opponent.

Spider Web: Releases strings to make a sticky web.

Steamroller: Crush your target with your own rolled-up body.

String Shot: Sends string toward an opponent, in an attempt to limit their movements.

Struggle Bug: Attack the opponent while resisting an attack. It causes problems in nearby opponent's minds.

Tail Glow: Makes your tail glow in a deep light, allowing you to power-up your next special attacks. The longer you concentrate on making it glow, the more attacks that can be boosted by it, up to 3 attacks.

Twineedle: Attacks twice in succession with poisonous stings.

U-turn: Bounce away as you hit the opponent.

X-Scissor: Slashes while crossing arms.

Dark Type

Assurance: An attack that can focus on Power when you are certain of touching the opponent.

Beat Up: Team up with your allies on one opponent.

Bite: Bites an opponent.

Crunch: Bites an opponent with great power.

Dark Pulse: Sends waves of Darkness.

Dark Void: Throws a sphere of Dark energy. An opponent that is engulfed in one becomes asleep very fast.

Embargo: The user separates an object from the opponent, preventing him from using it temporarily.

Faint Attack: Attacks the opponent while he is distracted, or from behind.

Fake Tears: Feigns to cry, making the opponent feel bad about hurting you.

Flatter: Compliments the opponent, in an attempt to make him cause more mistake despite feeling more confident.

Fling: Throw an item at the opponent. If it doesn't break, you may pick it up later. However, the opponent may also pick it up!

Foul Play: Attacks an attacking body part. The more power was put in the attack, the more this attack hurts.

Hone Claws: Sharpen your claws, making your attacks with them more deadly.

Knock Off: An attack that aims to take out an item or weapon the opponent is holding.

Memento: Drains away all your energy in order to place a curse onto the opponent, causing him to be traumatized and having lot of trouble attacking. Touching is required to work. The user falls unconscious after this attack.

Nasty Plot: Create evil energy by thinking of evil strategies, which can be used to power-up the next Special attacks.

Night Daze: Sends a pitch black shockwave at the opponent. Someone that is touched starts seeing darker, reducing their ability to see.

Night Slash: Enchants dark energy on claws and slashes the opponent.

Payback: An attack that increases damage with your pain, making it ideal to use directly after being inflicted a wound.

Punishment: An attack that feeds on positive energy of the target. The more one boosts himself, the more powerful Punishment will be.

Pursuit: Quickly reaches an opponent. More efficient against a fleeing opponent.

Quash: Keep hold of an opponent, in order to keep him from attacking.

Snarl: Rants about something in a loud tone, disturbing the opponent's mind.

Snatch: Quickly sends your soul into one's body, stealing a move the target tries to use on itself and getting the effects onto your own body. However, secondary effects only allows the user to use it once per battle. Any further attempts greatly tires the user.

Sucker Punch: Punches the opponent as it is about to attack.

Switcheroo: Quickly changes held items between your own ones. Best used with weapons.

Taunt: Insults the opponent, in order to make them attack you immediately. Doesn't work if you don't hurt his pride.

Thief: An attack that aims to steal an item from the opponent. However, you can't steal something that has a value (you can steal a document or something, but you can't steal a potion, a weapon or an item with effects).

Torment: Laughs at the opponent, showing them that repeating the same move won't work.

Dragon Type

Draco Meteor: Summons comets to fall from the sky. This attack takes a huge concentration, weakening the mind of the user.

Dragon Breath: Releases a beam of air at the opponent. This air causes paralysis if breathed.

Dragon Claw: Slashes the opponent with very powerful and sharp claws.

Dragon Dance: The user performs a mystic and powerful dance, which temporarily enhances his speed and strength. The longer it is performed, the longer it will last (if performed for 10 seconds, it will wear off after 10 seconds).

Dragon Pulse: Throws a sphere of dragon power.

Dragon Rage: Releases the user's energy and sends it toward the opponent, piercing its defenses. Its shape varies with the user.

Dragon Rush Tackles the opponent with exhibiting power. An opponent caught by surprise may have trouble reacting back after being hit.

Dragon Tail: Hits the opponent with one's tail, knocking them away.

Dual Chop: Does two simultaneous brutal strikes.

Outrage: The user temporarily goes Berserk. After a while, he becomes dizzy.

Roar of Time: Unleashes a special roar that distorts time. It greatly tires the user.

Spacial Rend: A slash that rips space.

Twister: Releases a Big Tornado that can destabilize foes.

Electric Type

Bolt Strike: Charges itself with lot of electricity and slams into the opponent.

Charge: Charges electricity into your body, increasing your resistance against Special attacks, and which can be used to power-up an Electric move.

Charge Beam: Gathers a lot of energy from the surrounding and fire it at the opponent. Some energy may remain in the user, which can be used to power-up another Special move. Gathering energy becomes more difficult the more often it is used, causing the move to weaken.

Discharge: Charges a lot of electricity and releases it from all sides.

Electro Ball: Throw a ball of electric energy. The faster it hits the opponent, the more damage it deals.

Electroweb: Creates a spider web with electricity.

Fusion Bolt: The user forms a blue sphere of electricity around himself, then charges into the opponent. It can absorb a Fusion Flare in order to become more powerful.

Magnet Rise: Creates a Magnetic Field in order to lift away from the ground.

Shock Wave: Launches a jolt of electricity which automatically curves toward an opponent. It takes some sort of magnetic distraction in order for it to miss.

Spark: Charges your body with electricity and tackles the opponent.

Thunder: Summons a huge thunder from the skies. It's a lot easier to aim when the sky is already ready for a thunderstorm.

Thunder Bolt: Launches a strong electric blast.

Thunder Fang: Charges your teeth with electricity and bites an opponent.

Thunder Punch: Enchants your fist with electricity and punches the opponent.

Thunder Shock: Launches a lightning jolt at the opponent.

Thunder Wave: Released a spark that aims to immobilize the target.

Volt Switch: The user launches multiple balls of lightning: one that is headed towards the target, one that the user is moving into, and others as distraction. It takes a lot of effort to create additionnal distraction balls.

Volt Tackle: Engulfs self with electricity and charges at the opponent. It hurts the user as well.

Wild Charge: Charges your body with lot of electricity and dash at the opponent with all your force. You hurt yourself a lot more easily, either from your own electricity or from hitting something hard.

Zap Cannon: Fires a orb of extremely condensed electricity. Its charge time and speed makes it easy to dodge.

Fighting Type

Arm Thrust: Strike the opponent with multiple open palms hits

Aura Sphere: Concentrates Aura into a sphere and launch it against an opponent. Being a fast projectile, and being able to send a lot of them at once, it makes it a difficult move to dodge.

Brick Break: A swift chop with the power to break bricks.

Bulk Up: Flexes his muscles, making them as tough as possible to resist and deal hits.

Circle Throw: Throws the target far away.

Close Combat: Strike the opponent with consecutive kicks and punches, while letting down your guard.

Counter: Intentionally let an opponent hit you with a physical attack in order to strike back with increased power.

Cross Chop: Crosses his arms and chops the opponent.

Detect: Detects an incoming attack, allowing you to know exactly how to dodge.

Double Kick: Kicks the opponent twice in succession.

Drain Punch: Absorbs energy as you hit the opponent.

Dynamic Punch: Strikes the opponent with great power. Its power is certain to make an opponent dizzy if not blocked or dodged.

Final Gambit: The user converts all his stamina left into an attack. He can't fight anymore after attempting his attack.

Focus Blast: Creates a sphere of condensed energy and throw it at the opponent.

Focus Punch: Focuses energy into a powerful punch. The concentration needed makes it an attack that can be easily interrupted.

Force Palm: Strikes the opponent with open hands. It can hurt a bit farther by creating a wave, which can also paralyze at close range.

Hammer Arm: Strikes the opponent with your fist, like it was a hammer. The user have some trouble running for a short while after using this move.

Hi Jump Kick: The user jumps in the air and hits the opponent with his knee. Falling on a hard surface greatly use the user.

Jump Kick: The user jumps in the air and hits the opponent with a falling kick. Falling on a hard surface hurts the user.

Karate Chop: Chops the opponent.

Low Kick: Kicks the opponent's feet, causing him to fall.

Low Sweep: Kicks the opponent's legs. The pain prevents the target from running as good as it could.

Mach Punch: An extremely quick punch.

Quick Guard: Guards a very fast attack at the last moment. The movement made by this move doesn't work against a slower attack.

Revenge: Uppercuts the opponent. A lot more powerful if this opponent just attacked.

Reversal: Draws power from wounds you have suffered and convert it into an attack.

Rock Smash: An attack with the power of shattering rocks. It can break defenses as well.

Rolling Kick: Kicks the opponent's side.[/b]

Sacred Sword: Slashes the opponent with a sword, which bypasses an opponent's defense. It's also very precise.

Seismic Toss: Picks the opponent, jump in the air and falls with his head first.

Sky Uppercut: A powerful Uppercut

Storm Throw: Picks the opponent and throws it after spinning.

Submission: Picks the opponent and jumps on the ground.

Superpower: Gathers force from your body and strikes the opponent. It tires the user.

Triple Kick: Kicks the opponent three times in succession, each with more power than the previous one.

Vacuum Wave: Strikes the air, sending a fast wave at the opponent.

Vital Throw: Hits the opponent after taking a hit, at the very moment he loses control over his movements.

Wake-Up Slap: Slaps the opponent on the head. The pain will echo in his body if he was drowsy or sleeping, but will make him wake-up completely.

Fire Type

Blast Burn: Releases powerful bursts of flames from the ground. The user quickly becomes exhausted after this attack.

Blaze Kick: Sets your feet on fire and kicks the opponent.

Blue Flare: Summons blue flames from multiple places and send them toward a target.

Ember: Sends multiple small flame sparks at the opponent.

Eruption: Throws a lot of fireballs at the sky, which eventually falls back randomly. The more healthy the user is, the more fireballs he's able to send at once.

Fiery Dance: The user dances, generating flames around him and burning anyone who tries to attack him physically. The flames can be reused to boost a special attack.

Fire Blast: Throws a powerful fire that has a Star shape.

Fire Fang: Sets your teeth ablaze and bites an opponent.

Fire Pledge: Creates columns of fire under the opponent. It can power-up on a Grass Pledge to create a sea of Fire, or it can be used to power-up a Water Pledge in order to form a Rainbow, which brings luck to the users.

Fire Punch: Enchants your fist with fire and punches the opponent.

Fire Spin: Breaths a Flame tornado, which stays around for a little while.

Flame Burst: Sends a fireball that explodes on contact, hurting others that may be close to the explosion.

Flame Charge: The user uses Fire to boost its speed, while tackling the opponent. His speed goes back to normal the moment he stops moving.

Flamethrower: Sends a powerful stream of fire.

Flame Wheel: The user spins in a wheel motion while engulfing himself with flames

Flare Blitz: The user tackles the opponent with all its force while cloaked in fire. The impact damages the user.

Fusion Flare: The user throws a huge orb of flare at the opponent. It can absorb a Fusion Bolt in order to become more powerful.

Heat Crash: Jumps on the opponent while surrounding self with flames, hitting it with all its weight.

Heat Wave: Releases waves of extremely high temperature on a large area.

Incinerate: Throws a flame that can turn to ashes some moves. Cannot incinerate items or berries.

Inferno: Creates a Blaze Tornado toward the opponent. The time it takes to start it makes it difficult to aim. However, the blazes are so powerful it always burns a hit opponent.

Lava Plume: Throws lava all around the user.

Magma Storm: Creates a huge storm of flames, preventing anyone from escaping and providing huge heat in the battle.

Overheat: Gathers all the user's heat and concentrates it in one attack. The user can't use powerful special attack until he recovered his heat.

Sacred Fire: The user sends mystical blue fire that has a physical property.

Searing Shot: The user shoots flames everywhere.

Sunny Day: The user disperses the clouds, allowing the Sun to take full effect on the battlefield.

V-create: The user's forehead burns in a V-shape fire, then tackles the opponent, creating an explosion on contact. He has trouble defending afterwards, as he cannot think as much clearly.

Will-O-Wisp: Sends weak balls of flames that sticks on the opponents.

Flying Type

Acrobatics: The user does acrobatics, striking the opponent with power obtained from spinning. The user cannot get as much power if he can't use both hands due to wielding a weapon.

Aerial Ace: A very quick slash. If the target is in range, it is very difficult to dodge.

Aeroblast: Summons a very powerful vortex in a straight line.

Air Cutter: Sends small slashes of wind toward the opponents.

Air Slash: Sends a fast slash of wind toward an opponent.

Bounce: The user jumps high, then bounces on the opponent. The impact may cause an opponent to be paralyzed.

Brave Bird: The user charges into the opponent while flying. Also hurts the user.

Chatter: Attacks using soundwaves from a particular word. The louder it is, the more likely it is to dizzy an opponent.

Defog: Blows away obstacles from the field.

Drill Peck: Stabs the opponent in a Drill pattern.

Feather Dance: Covers the opponent in feathers.

Fly: Flies very high, then strikes the opponent while going back to the ground.

Gust: Creates strong winds.

Hurricane: Creates a Hurricane that reaches the clouds. It is a lot easier to aim if the skies are already ready for a Hurricane.

Mirror Move: The user copies the last move used by the opponent. It won't work if the user doesn't have something necessary for the move (such as a weapon.)

Peck: Stabs the opponent with a sharp object.

Pluck: Repeatedly pecks an opponent. Also increases the effect of a berry, but cannot steal a berry from an opponent.

Roost: The user stops flapping wings and moving for a moment, in order to build back stamina faster. Does not cure wounds.

Sky Attack: The user gathers energy, causing him to glow, then quickly slams into the opponent with the energy.

Sky Drop: Picks the opponent and reach high altitudes before dropping him. Won't work if it can actually fly or levitate.

Tailwind: Changes the wind to become strong and head toward the direction the user wants.

Wing Attack: Hits the opponent with his wings.

Ghost Type

Astonish: Sends a startling shout as you hit the opponent, making them flinch. More efficient the first time it is used.

Confuse Ray: Sends a spinning light, making anyone that looks at it dizzy.

Curse: Ghost types sacrifice their stamina in order to cause the opponent's stamina to drop over time, making both Gijinka quickly exhausted. Non-Ghosts inflict a curse upon themselves, making themselves more powerful in physical attributes, but feeling a lot more heavy.

Destiny Bond: The user creates a link with an opponent by touching it. As long as the link is kept, all pain the user feels is shared by the linked opponent. However, the user cannot move his arms and cannot run. The moment he does one of those, the link is broken.

Grudge: Attempt to use your remaining energy to greatly tire an opponent. It must be used as you are about to lose a battle, and will make you unable to fight anymore.

Hex: Sends dark beams that increases power on an opponent that isn't fully able to fight. (statuses effects)

Lick: Licks the opponent with a long tongue. Can traumatize the target.

Nightmare: The user places a curse on an opponent that is drowsy or sleeping. The closer he is to sleep, the faster it will drain his stamina. An affected opponent starts seeing nightmare-like illusions. The curse completely breaks the moment the opponent is fully woken up.

Night Shade: Fires a defence-piercing dark beam.

Ominous Wind: Summons a purple wind to strike the opponent.

Shadow Ball: Throws a sphere of dark energy at the opponent.

Shadow Claw: Slashes the opponent with claws enchanted with dark power.

Shadow Force: The user disappears, then reappears later, striking the opponent the moment he does.

Shadow Punch: Sends a quick and shadowy extension of his own fist.

Shadow Sneak: Controls shadow in order to hit the opponent.

Spite: Touches the opponent, causing him to instantly feel a bit more tired.

Grass Type

Absorb: Drains a bit of stamina from the opponent. Requires contact.

Aromatherapy: Releases a pleasant scent, curing everyone around the user.

Bullet Seed: Shoots multiple big seeds in a row.

Cotton Guard: The user wraps himself with thick cotton, making physical attacks hurt a lot less.

Cotton Spore: Releases cotton-like spores that sticks on opponent, slowing them down.

Energy Ball: Throws a sphere of natural energy.

Frenzy Plant: Summons roots from the ground that hits an opponent. This attacks tires the user a lot.

Giga Drain: Drains a good quantity of stamina from the opponent. Requires contact.

Grass Knot: Controls the grass in order to make the opponent trip.

Grass Pledge: Creates small tornadoes of sharp leaves. It can power-up on a Water Pledge in order to create a swamp, or it can power-up a Fire Pledge in order to create a sea of fire.

GrassWhistle: The user makes a pleasant melody with grass, making opponents grow drowsy.

Horn Leech: Strikes the opponent with his horns, stealing some of his stamina at the same time.

Ingrain: Plants some vines into the ground, allowing the user to absorb nutriments and recovering slowly. The user cannot move at all while doing so.

Leaf Blade: Cuts the opponent with sharp leaves

Leaf Storm: Releases a myriad of sharp leaves at the opponent. It takes lot of energy from the user to do so, causing his special attacks to weaken.

Leaf Tornado: Surrounds the opponent with a Tornado of sharp leaves.

Leech Seed: Throws a parasite seed on the opponent, which grows vines to attach itself. As long as the seed is there, it will drain stamina from the opponent. Does not cure the user back. Up to 4 seeds can be shot at once, but the more there is, the less powerful they are.

Magical Leaf: The user throws special leaves that chases the target until it hits something.

Mega Drain: Drains Stamina from the opponent. Requires touch contact.

Needle Arm: Grows the needles on the user's arm and strikes an opponent with it.

Petal Dance: The user does a dance while spinning, creating a lot of sharp petals. The longer it is kept up, the more dizzy the user feels afterwards.

Power Whip: Whips the opponent with tremendious power.

Razor Leaf: Throws sharp leaves at the opponent.

Seed Bomb: Throws heavy and big seeds at the opponent.

Seed Flare: The user absorbs pollution into a seed, then makes it explode in light and water.

Sleep Powder: Releases a powder in the air that causes anyone who breathes it to draw closer to sleep.

Solar Beam: The user absorbs energy directly from the sun, before shooting a beam with that energy. The stronger the sun is, the faster the user finishes charging this attack.

Spore: Releases spores in the air, causing opponent to draw closer to sleep.

Stun Spore: Releases a powder in the air, causing anyone that breathes it to lose a bit of control over their muscles.

Synthesis: The user absorbs energy from the sun, causing him to recover Stamina slightly faster than normal. Does not cure wounds.

Vine Whip: Whips the opponent with a vine.

Wooden Hammer: Strikes the opponent with his arm, like it was a hammer. It hurts the user as well.

Worry Seed: The user throws a parasite seed on someone, causing him to be constantly awake. The seed wears off after half an hour.

Ground Type

Bone Club: Strikes the opponent with a bone.

Bone Rush: Hits the opponent multiple times with a Bone. Gijinkas that don't have any can use a weapon or create a Bone out of thin air.

Bonemerang: Throws your bone. It comes back to you like a Boomerang.

Bulldoze: Repeatedly stomps the ground, making it shake and deform itself.

Dig: Digs into the ground, then attacks as you come back to the surface.

Drill Run: Hits the opponent with a spinning cone-shaped object.

Earth Power: Causes the ground to erupt under the target.

Earthquake: Strikes the ground, causing it to shake a lot.

Fissure: Creates a large crack into the ground. Falling into it does not cause one to faint, as it is not deep enough.

Magnitude: The user causes the ground to shake. The intensity varies depending on tectonic plates, which are unknown by everyone.

Mud Bomb: Throws a ball of mud.

Mud Shot: Shoots sticky mud at the opponent.

Mud Sport: The user covers itself in mud, in order to increase his resistance to electricity.

Mud Slap: Throws mud at the opponent's eyes.

Sand Tomb: Summons a sand tornado that stay still for about half a minute.

Sand Attack: Throw sand at your opponent, decreasing his visibility.

Spikes: Throws spike on the ground, hurting anyone that steps onto it (including yourself!)

Ice Type

Aurora Beam: Sends a multi-colored beam at the opponent.

Avalanche: The user sends snow towards the sky, which falls back on the ground. A lot more snow is released if the user is hit.

Blizzard: The user summons a powerful blizzard. It's a lot easier to use if the weather is already ready for a blizzard.

Freeze Shock: The user prepares a block of ice charged with electricity, then throws it at the opponent. It can paralyze an opponent like a regular electric move.

Frost Breath: Blows a very cold breath, freezing the opponent from the inside.

Glaciate: Summons a very cold and thick wind. It is a lot harder to move under this harsh wind.

Hail: Summons a hailstorm for a while.

Haze: Releases a thick smog, causing boosted pokemons to lose their concentration and weakened pokemons to regain their concentration.

Ice Ball: Forms a ball of ice. The longer you concentrate on it, the bigger it gets. It reaches its limit at a bit over the height of the user.

Ice Beam: Sends a beam of very cold energy, creating ice on anything it touches.

Ice Burn: Summons an extremely cold wind around a target, causing frostbites.

Ice Fang: Freezes your teeth with Ice and bites the opponent.

Ice Punch: Enchants your fist with ice and punches the opponent.

Ice Shard: Quickly creates Ice projectiles and throw them.

Icicle Crash: Creates a large Icicle and throws it at the opponent.

Icicle Spear: Sends multiple small ice projectiles in succession.

Icy Wind: Summons a cold wind toward an opponent.. It is hard to move within this wind.

Mist: Summons a thick mist. The user feels more confidence inside this mist.

Powder Snow: Sends a freezing powder toward the opponent.

Sheer Cold: Instantly freezes a part of the opponent as the user touches it. Charging a Sheer Cold takes about 5 seconds, and the user has 5 seconds to try and touch the opponent. He may only try this twice per battle.

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PostSubject: Re: Moves and Abilities   Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:38 am

Normal Type

Acupressure: Applies pressure on a body part. Depending on where the pressure is applied, it may raise a particular ability of the user (like the arm for power). However, only one acupressure may be applied at once, and it tires the user faster.

After You: The user assists an ally, causing him to attack a lot faster.

Assist: The user creates an orb, which then forms into an attack known by one of the other fighters randomly.

Attract: Attempts to seduce the opponent.

Barrage: Throws round objects one after another.

Baton Pass: The user touches someone, transferring boosts and deboosts on him.

Belly Drum: The user repeatedly taps his belly in a war rhythm, hurting him a bit but causing his ally and himself to increase in power.

Bestow: Throws an item to an ally. Be careful: he gets to keep that item!

Bide: The user creates an aura on himself. The more pain he gets, the bigger the aura grows. He can choose to gather all that energy into a stronger attack whenever he wants to.

Bind: Entangles an opponent with a whip, a tail or something alike.

Block: Jumps in front of the opponent, preventing him from fleeing.

Body Slam: Jumps on the opponent, hitting him with all his weight. Heavy Gijinkas have higher chance to paralyze an opponent.

Camouflage: The user takes a coloration identical to that of his surroundings.

Captivate: Use your Charms to captivate an opponent of the opposing gender. An affected opponent has trouble concentrating on using special attacks.

Charm: Hinders the opponent from attacking by showing just how cute you are!

Chip Away: Looks for an opening, attacking at the best opportunity.

Comet Punch: Punches the opponent repeatedly.

Constrict: Attacks the opponent with creepy tentacles or vines.

Conversion: The user analyses the properties of one of the opponents and changes its Type to match the opponent's.

Conversion 2: By analyzing the properties of the last attack the user received, he changes the properties of its body to that of a Type that resists that last attack.

Copycat: The user copies the opponent. It can't do an attack that requires something he does not have (such as a weapon)

Covet: Attacks in a cute manner. Cannot steal an item with a PokeDollar cost (usable item, held item or weapon).

Crush Claw: A powerful slash with the power to break solid stuffs. It can easily pierce defences.

Crush Grip: Grabs the opponent and crushes it. It won't do much if it has already suffered wounds.

Cut: Cuts the opponent.

Defense Curl: Shields an attack with something round.

Disable: Causes the target to temporarily forget how to use a certain move. Uses sight to affect an opponent.

Dizzy Punch: Hits the opponent in a wierd pattern.

Double Hit: Hits two times consecutively.

Double Team: Creates a reflection of self. You may have a maximum of 3 reflections, each of them doing the same pattern in a symmetry.

Double-Edge: Slams into the opponent with tremendous power, hurting the user as well.

DoubleSlap: Slaps multiple times your opponent.

Echoed Voice: Shouts at the opponent. The voice echoes seconds later, at which time the user can shout again to increase the power each time.

Egg Bomb: Throws an egg at the opponent, which explodes on contact.

Encore: The user claps his hands, in an attempt to cause an opponent to try and show his last move works. Will not work if the user knows there's no use in redoing it (such as a self-boosting move).

Endeavor: The user gathers all his remaining strenght in an attack, desperately trying to win a battle.

Endure: The user takes a stance in order to stand still even after getting a hit that would otherwise KO him.

Entrainment: The user dances, trying to make the opponent copy him for a while. Doesn't give or replace any ability.

Explosion: The user creates a strong explosion from himself. He will fall unconscious for multiple days!

Extremespeed: Charge at the opponent with extremely fast speed.

Facade: Draws energy from an abnormality of his own body, increasing the power of this move.

Fake Out: Gets near the opponent and claps your hands, creating a shock wave. It will flinch only if taken by surprise.

False Swipe: Strike an opponent with no intent of inflicting a mortal wound. An example is by using the blunt side of a sword.

Feint: Fakes a hit, and hits after the opponent attempted to guard the fake hit.

Flail: Hits the opponent, with more powerful movements if the user is feeling a lot of pain.

Flash: Makes a light burst, blinding anyone that looks at it.

Focus Energy: Concentrates in order to have more precise attacks, touching a weak spot more easily.

Follow Me: Distracts an opponent

Foresight: Identifies anything, in order to remove Illusions and see invisible opponents or objects.

Frustration: Unleash your rage onto an opponent. The more angry you are, the more powerful this move is.

Fury Attack: Repeatedly stabs an opponent.

Fury Swipe: Repeatedly slashes the opponent.

Giga Impact: Gathers all the forces from his body and charges into an opponent. This attack greatly tires the user.

Glare: Intimidates the opponent, trying to cause his fear to make him unable to move.

Growl: Growls in a cute way, trying to hinder the opponent from attacking you.

Growth: Makes the pokemon features (such as a flower) increase in sight.

Guillotine: Crushes a weapon or body part with powerful pincers. It will not KO an opponent, but may prevent a body part from being used for the remainder of the battle. It takes 4 seconds to crush a body part of weapon, in which time you are vulnerable to attacks.

Harden: Transforms your body or a body part to be as solid as metal. It also becomes harder to move it.

Headbutt: Hits the opponent with your head.

Head Charge: Slams into the opponent with your head. May hurts the user, maybe even make him dizzy!

Heal Bell: Makes a soothing bell echo around the area, making everyone feel at ease despite difficulties their body are showing.

Helping Hand: Boosts the attacks of your allies by cheering them in a special way.

Hidden Power: A spell that varies in element, shape and power with every user. You must describe your version as you learn it. It cannot change like that.

Horn Attack: Stabs the opponent with a horn or a sharp object.

Horn Drill: An extremely powerful stabs using a spinning horn. This attack may not instantly KO an opponent, but may disable one of his body part, such as an arm. Every moment the horn is spinning, the user feels pain, preventing him from using this attack for too long.

Howl: The user shouts a War Cry, in order to give himself more confidence in his attacks.

Hyper Beam: Gathers all the user's forces to send a strong beam. He quickly becomes exhausted after this attack.

Hyper Fang: Bites an opponent with long teeth.

Hyper Voice: Shouts as loud as possible, causing damage to everyone who hears the voice.

Judgment: Draws power from a Plate and sends it into the skies. The power then explodes into beams hitting the ground randomly

Last Resort: Jumps in the air and slam the opponent. The difficulty to execute this move makes it a lot more efficient when the user has tried many other moves and really feel it's the last option it has.

Leer: Intimidates the opponents with very sharp eyes.

Lock-on: The user analyses the movements of the opponents, allowing its next attack to have far more accuracy. It does not prevent an attack to be blocked or a physical attacked to be out-ran.

Lovely Kiss: Kisses an opponent with energy that causes one to grow drowsy.

Lucky Chant: Recites an incantation, causing luck to be on the allies' side.

Mean Look: Sends a curse to the opponent by sight, causing the opponent to be unable to stray too far away from the user for a few minutes. The opponent will receive shocks if he tries to. The curse is broken if it's the user who runs away.

Me First: Copies an incoming offensive attacks. It won't work if not done fast enough, nor if the user does not have something necessary for an attack (such as a weapon)

Mega Kick: Kicks with all your power.

Mega Punch: Punches with all your power.

Metronome: The user waves his fingers, causing a random move to happen after about 3 seconds. No move using the user's body (such Triple Kick) will happen.

Milk Drink: Drinks a pre-made bottle of milk. It greatly recovers the user's stamina. Cannot be used more than once per battle.

Mimic: The user gains temporary understanding of how to execute a move an opponent just did. He can use the move as many times as he wants in the following minute, after which he cannot reproduce the move anymore. Cannot execute a move that requires something the user does not have (such as a weapon)

Mind Reader: Reads the opponent's mind, being able to tell what he will do next. The user can only execute this attack while standing still, and takes about 5 seconds before the opponent's mind become clear. However, nothing prevents the opponent from not thinking anything or to change his minds.

Minimize: The user shrinks his body to a smaller size, allowing him to dodge attacks more easily. However, attacks are also more powerful on him!

Moonlight: The user absorbs energy from the moon, allowing him to recover Stamina slightly faster than normal. Does not cure wounds.

Morning Sun: The user absorbs energy from the sun, allowing him to recover Stamina slightly faster than normal. Does not cure wounds.

Natural Gift: Draws energy from a berry into an attack that varies with the berry. The Berry recovers his energy after 10 minutes, during which time it will not do his normal effect when eaten and cannot be reused for Natural Gift. Nothing prevents the user from using multiple berries.

Nature Power: Controls the environment in an indirect manner.

Odor Sleuth: Uses Odors to detect and identify opponents, ignoring illusions in the way.

Pain Split: The user exchanges pain with a target he touches. The one who felt the most pain will feel it being relieved, while the one who felt the least will start feeling more pain, despite not having any wound.

Pay Day: Throws fake money at the opponent.

Perish Song: The user plays a dreading song. The song lasts 15 seconds, and anyone, excluding the user, who hears it entirely in one go will see his stamina being drained away until he faints. This makes it a difficult move to execute, as it can easily be interrupted. Blocking self's ears does not prevent the song.

Pound: Slaps the opponent.

Present: Throws a pre-made present, which either explodes or replenish a target's Stamina with soothing energy. You scrambled your presents, so you don't know which one has the bomb and which one has the energy.

Protect: Creates a powerful magic shield, blocking attacks on one side. You cannot cast two Protects at once, making it a useless move when surrounded.

Psych Up: The user hypnotizes himself, in order to feel as good or as bad as a target is feeling. The effects last for around 30 seconds.

Quick-Attack: A tackle with a very fast speed.

Rage: Attack with rage! And you can't help but feel more angry if someone hits you!

Rapid Spin: Quickly spins, removing anything that was sticking on you or small items that are close to you.

Razor Wind: The user gathers energy, then throws that energy in crescent-shaped projectiles.

Recover: Slowly heals one's wounds. The move requiring a lot of time, it is practically unusable in the middle of a battle due to being easily interruptable.

Recycle: The user may recycle a used item, allowing it to be used a second time. However, it cannot be recycled a third time.

Reflect Type: The user takes the elemental properties of an opponent.

Refresh: The user cures abnormalities from itself or from a target. It requires a total of 10 seconds before being fully cured.

Relic Song: The user sings an ancient song, appealing everyone.

Retaliate: An attack that draws power from the will of taking revenge. It reaches its full potential if it's for taking revenge from a fallen ally.

Return: An attack that becomes more powerful when you are fighting for the sake of someone you love.

Roar: Shouts in your fiercest tone, scaring away opponents.

Rock Climb: The user can climb mountains easily, and even attack at the same time.

Round: Shouts in a tone to hurt the ears of opponents. Another user who uses Round becomes immune to it while greatly increasing the tone of the Round.

Safeguard: Creates a barrier that partly blocks attacks, preventing those from causing secondary effects on you.

Scary Face: Shows your scariest face, in an attempt to immobilize the opponent in fear.

Scratch: Scratches the opponent.

Screech: Shouts in a earsplitting screech.

Secret Power: Throws an orb which absorbs power from the environment, allowing it to cause secondary effects associated with this environment.

Selfdestruct: Makes yourself explode. The user will fall unconscious for a whole day.

Sharpen: The user shapes makes his Pokemon features even more sharp, being able to be used like a sword.

Shell Smash: The user breaks his armor, allowing to focus on speed and offense instead of defense. Taking it away does the same thing, but is too slow.

Simple Beam: Shoots a beam toward an opponent. If it hits, his brain stops being able to think complicated stuff for about a minute.

Sing: Sings a soothing lullaby, causing everyone to grow drowsy.

Sketch: The user carries multiple plates or piece of papers to draw on. Each drawing can be used once for an attack, which may be used in another battle. The user may also spend LP to permanently understand any attack and reproduce it without having to copy it immediately after being done.

Skull Bash: The user enters in a defensive stance, then strikes the opponent.

Slack Off: Make yourself comfortable, recovering your stamina faster. However, you are vulnerable while you are being lazy.

Slam: Picks the opponent and throw him on the ground.

Slash: Slashes the opponent.

Sleep Talk: Goes into somnambulist, using moves randomly. However, it only works if the user has completely fallen asleep.

SmellingSalt: Hits the opponent with two slaps at the same time. The pain echoes if he was paralyzed, but will cure him of his paralysis.

SmokeScreen: Sends a smoke of screen.

Snore: A strong snore. It can only be used if the user has fallen completely asleep.

Softboiled: The user heals himself or an ally with an egg, causing him to heal wounds slowly. It may only be used once per battle.

SonicBoom: Sends a Shockwave, piercing defenses.

Spike Cannon: Shoots multiple spikes in succession.

Spit Up: Spits all the energy stored from Stockpile.

Splash: Flops and splashes around.

Stockpile: The user stores energy in his body. The more energy he stores, the more he becomes bulky.

Stomp: Stomps the target with a foot or an heavy weapon.

Strength: A powerful punch that knockbacks the opponent.

Substitute: Creates a copy of yourself, using part of your stamina. This substitute does not copy the user, and may actually attack. Only one substitute may be used at once, but the original user may also be hurt! The substitute also fades away after about 10 seconds or after taking enough damage.

Super Fang: Repeatedly bites the opponent with long teeth.

Supersonic: Generates odd sound-waves that may cause one to become dizzy.

Swagger: Insults an opponent, making it attack more ruthlessly, while leaving more openings. Works better on those that easily feels insulted.

Swallow: Use the stored energy from Stockpile to recover your stamina. Does not heal your wounds. You may decide to only use part of it. However, the more often you use it, the less it will recover your stamina.

Sweet Kiss: Kisses an opponent with cuteness.

Sweet Scent: Releases a powder with a sweet odor, which may calm down opponents and make them easier to hit.

Swift: Sends a lot of stars at the opponent. The amount of stars makes it a difficult move to dodge entirely.

Sword Dance: Do a dance with a sword, building up strength for next attacks.

Tackle: Charges on the opponent in an efficient way.

Tail Slap: Slaps the opponent repeatedly with your tail.

Tail Whip: Wags your tail, in an attempt to make the opponents let their guard down.

Take Down: Tackles the opponent with all his body, doing recoil to itself.

Techno Blast: Fires a beam of light, which changes element depending on the drive installed on the user.

Teeter Dance: The user does a wobbly dance, dragging an opponent into it and becoming dizzy.

Thrash: The user goes into a rampage, hitting anything that moves. After a while, the user becomes dizzy.

Tickle: Tickles your opponent.

Transform: The user transforms into the opponent, taking the same caracteristics. It can also transform into a nearby item.

Tri-Attack: Mixes Fire, Lightning and Ice into a single attack, giving it a particular elemental property.

Trump Card: Creates a set of 5 cards. When you throw a card, you can choose to make it explode at anytime, at which moment its energy will split and increase the power of the remaining card. This means that the less cards there is remaining, the more powerful they will be. You may only create one stack of Trump Cards per battle.

Uproar: The user keeps shouting very loud for a long while, hurting everyone's ears.

Vicegrip: Grips and squeezes the opponent with pincers.

Weather Ball: The user creates a ball that is very sensitive to the weather, changing elements depending on it. Then he throws it.

Whirlwind: Summons a strong wind, causing the opponent to be pushed back.

Wish: Summons a star from the sky. The star will pour healing energy onto the user or an ally, causing his wounds to heal faster. It will only work once per day.

Work Up: Builds up strenght.

Wrap: Entangles an opponent with a whip, a tail or something alike.

Wring Out: Grabs the opponent with something long and crushes it. It won't do much if it has already suffered wounds.

Yawn: Yawn really loud, making the opponent yawn too, and slowly grow drowsy.

Poison Type

Acid: Throws acid, which may weaken armors and skins.

Acid Armor: The user melts into a body of water.

Acid Spray: Sprays acid on the opponent, causing his skin to weaken a lot.

Clear Smog: Sends a smog that, in addition to smelling bad, clears effects that enhance (or the opposite) the body.

Coil: Takes a stance based on Snakes, which allows better reflexes for a better offense and defense.

Cross Poison: Slashes the opponent with two poisonous blades at the same time.

Gastro Acid: Throws acid on the target, temporarily eliminating his body properties.

Gunk Shot: Shoots poison in a very pure form.

Poison Fang: Bites the opponent with poisonous teeth.

Poison Gas: Releases a poisonous smoke, contaminating anyone that breathes it.

Poison Jab: Stabs the opponent with something filled with poison.

Poison Powder: Releases a poisonous dust, contaminating anyone that breathes it.

Poison Sting: Throw poisonous darts.

Poison Tail: Strikes the opponent with your poisonous tail.

Sludge: Throws poisonous liquid at the opponent.

Sludge Bomb: Throws a ball of concentrated poisonous liquid, exploding the moment it touches something.

Sludge Wave: Releases poison all around the user.

Smog: Releases a hot and poisonous smoke.

Toxic: Forces toxic poison into the opponent, through means that may differ. This poison, unlike the others, hurts in addition to drain stamina.

Toxic Spikes: Throws poison spikes at the ground. Careful not to step on it yourself if you're not immune to it!

Venoshock: Drenches the opponent in a special poison. While it does not poison the opponent, it stimulates poison that has already infected him.

Psychic Type

Agility: Lightens the body in order to move faster.

Ally Switch: Teleports the user and a target, exchanging places.

Amnesia: Empty your mind, ignoring the pain.

Barrier: Creates a barrier, blocking some attacks.

Calm Mind: Calms your mind, allowing you to concentrate better on Special attacks or to resist them.

Confusion: Hurts the brain of the opponent. Uses the eyes to affect an opponent.

Cosmic Power: Gathers energy from outer space, which creates a defensive layer around the user.

Dream Eater: Steals stamina from a drowsy foe. The closer he is to being asleep, the stronger this move becomes.

Extrasensory: Sends psychic waves at the opponent. An opponent that takes the full attack may not be able to move for a few seconds.

Future Sight: Creates an attack that strikes with a Delay. The type of attack can vary, like a huge projectile that is summoned far away.

Gravity: Increases the gravity, making it harder to move and impossible to fly or float.

Guard Split: The user changes resistances of himself and a target, making both of them equal to the average of the two of them temporarily, despite armors one may be wearing. Uses a small and quick projectile to affect a target.

Guard Swap: Exchanges defensive boosts and deboosts with a target. Uses a small and quick projectile to affect a target.

Heal Block: Apply a seal onto an opponent, causing his wound and stamina to be unable to recover as long as the seal is applied. It lasts up to 30 seconds.

Heal Pulse: Can heal the wounds of someone else. However, he has to stay close to you, and it takes a while to heal up. (A scar takes 10-20 seconds to heal up, alone)

Healing wish: Sacrifices all his remaining energy and sends it onto an ally, instantly curing all his wounds and recovering his Stamina.

Heart Stamp: Attacks the opponent after making a cute act.

Heart Swap: Swaps souls between bodies.

Hypnosis: Draws an opponent closer to sleep. Using sight to affect an opponent.

Imprison: Apply a seal on an opponent that lasts around 5 minutes. This Seal makes the opponent forget a single move the user knows and have chosen. Up to 4 seals can be applied at once. A seal is applied by touching the opponent with the hands.

Kinesis: Curves the path of projectiles

Light Screen: Creates a wall that blocks special attacks. Only one wall may be up at a time.

Lunar Dance: The user dances, transferring his energy into healing energy, healing another ally.

Luster Purge: Throws an orb of light, which weakens the resistance of those it hits.

Magic Coat: Creates a barrier that reflects attack with weak power. Any attack with the intention of damaging will break the Magic Coat.

Magic Room: Creates a distorted room. Inside this room, all items seem to lose all their properties, like they were just a normal rock.

Meditate: Take on a meditating position, in order to temporarily increase your attack.

Miracle Eye: Sees the world inside a different manner. You are able to see movements more easily, as well as target Dark types without them being able to show resistance.

Mirror Coat: The user reflects a special attack back to the user. Takes 10 seconds before being able to use it again.

Mist Ball: Throws a ball, which explodes into a mist.

Power Split: The user changes the powers of himself and a target, making both of them equal to the average of the two of them temporarily. Uses a small and quick projectile to affect a target.

Power Swap: Exchanges offensive boosts and deboosts with a target. Uses a small and quick projectile to affect a target.

Power Trick: Twists the properties of your own body, changing bulk into muscle, and muscle into bulk.

Psybeam: Fire a multi-colored beam. Seeing this beam from too close causes one to temporarily see colors (kind of like when you look at the sun).

Psychic: Releases a psychic blast. An opponent's mind empty out for 2 seconds after getting hit.

Psycho Boost: Throws a huge sphere of energy. It takes a lot of mind-power to produce this sphere.

Psycho Cut: Cuts the opponent with a blade of psychic power.

Psycho Shift: Throws a quick and small projectile. The user may transfer an abnormality to the target (such as paralysis)

Psyshock: Materializes psychic power and throws it at the opponent.

Psywave: Sends waves of psychic energy. The power vary at times.

Reflect: Creates a wall that blocks physical attacks. Only one Reflect may be up at a time.

Rest: Rests, recovering Stamina a bit faster than normal while growing drowzy. Does not cure wounds.

Role Play: The user copies the opponent's mind, acting exactly like him. He loses his ability related to the mind, but gains those the opponent has.

Skill Swap: Throws a small and quick projectile. You may exchange abilities with a target hit with the projectile.

Stored Power: Gathers energy from your own boosts into an attack.

Synchronoise: Creates a strong noise with frequencies based on one of your type. It will hurt anyone around who has the same type.

Telekinesis: Sends a small and quick projectile. You may make someone hit by it float like you want for about 10 seconds.

Teleport: Teleports in a different location. The user cannot teleport for 5 seconds after a previous teleport. Teleporting to a long distance takes a bit of time to cast.

Trick: Exchanges held items between yours and a target by teleporting them. Those items will automaticaly return to their respective owner after 2 minutes, no matter what the user tries.

Trick Room: Create a giant sphere around the field. While inside of it, pokemons with low speed can move extremely easily, while pokemon with high speed show trouble moving.

Wonder Room: Creates a bizarre room. Inside this room, special attacks take physical properties, and physical attacks take special properties.

Zen Headbutt: Focuses his willpower into energy on top of his head and charges into an opponent head first, making that energy explode on contact.

Rock Type

Ancient Power: Levitate rocks and throw them on the opponent.

Head Smash: Smashes into an opponent with his head. Hurts the user a lot.

Power Gem: Throws gem-shaped projectiles

Rock Blast: Throws multiple rocks in succession.

Rock Polish: Polishes solid parts of the user, making them slow the user a lot less.

Rock Slide: Creates rocks over the opponent. Stronger if it's using rocks that were actually nearby.

Rock Throw: Throws a rock.

Rock Tomb: Makes heavy boulders fall.

Rock Wrecker: Throws a very heavy and big rock at the opponent. This attack greatly tires the user.

Rollout: Summons a rock and make it roll. The longer you concentrate on it, the bigger it gets. It reaches its limit at a bit over the height of the user.

Sandstorm: Summons a sand storm

Smack Down: Throws a special rock at an opponent, which causes anyone hit by hit to temporarily become too heavy to fly or levitate.

Stealth Rock: Sends levitating rocks, which can limit the movements of an opponent in a battle (or yourself too!)

Stone Edge: Throws pointed or sharp stones at the opponent.

Wide Guard: Creates a long barrier specialized in blocking wide attacks. A concentrated attack will break the barrier.

Steel Type

Autonomize: Throws away parts of his body, in order to be less heavy and faster.

Bullet Punch: Punches an opponent, like you were a bullet.

Doom Desire: Summons a meteor from the skies. It then falls upon a target, exploding in a blast of light.

Flash Cannon: Gathers light energy, then fires it at the opponent.

Gear Grind: Throws two Gears at the opponent.

Gyro Ball: Lets loose a ball with small spheres of energy around it. The longer it is on the battlefield, the faster it spins.

Heavy Slam: Slams into an opponent with all his weight.

Iron Defense: Makes a body part as hard as Iron. It also becomes harder to move.

Iron Head: Makes your head as hard as Iron, then charge into the opponent.

Iron Tail: Slams the opponent with a tail as hard as Iron.

Magnet Bomb: Throws magnetized bombs, which gets attracted by a target, and then explodes on contact.

Metal Burst: Makes metal burst the moment you get hit. The stronger the attack, the more powerful the burst.

Metal Claw: Enchants his claws to have Metal properties and hits the opponent.

Metal Sound: Creates a strident sound with Metal, causing opponents to be able to guard less effectively on special attacks.

Meteor Mash: Shoots one's own fist. It comes back after.

Mirror Shot: Concentrates light energy into a reflective part, then fires it into a beam.

Shift Gear: Makes his gears turn faster, generating energy at the same time.

Steel Wing: Hits the opponent with wings as hard as steel.

Water Type

Aqua Jet: Quickly charges into an opponent while surrounding himself with water.

Aqua Ring: Creates rings of water around the user, constantly refreshing him.

Aqua Tail: Hits the opponent with one's tail, which is enchanted by Water.

Brine: Shoots salt water. It amplifies pain from wounds.

Bubble: Lets loose very slow bubbles, which stays on the battlefield for a long time. They burst when they come in contact with something.

BubbleBeam: Shoots quick bubbles, exploding as they touch an opponent.

Clamp: Grabs the opponent with a shell.

Crabhammer: Strikes the opponent with a pincer

Dive: Dives under water, then strikes as he emerges.

Hydro Cannon: Releases a very concentrated stream of water at the opponent, faster than an Hydro Pump. It greatly tires the user.

Hydro Pump: Releases a highly pressured stream of Water. The time it takes to build the water pressure gives some time for an opponent to anticipate the attack.

Muddy Water: Releases a stream of water that is mixed with mud.

Octazooka: Shoots a ball of Ink.

Rain Dance: Summons the cloud, making it rain on the battlefield. The rain increases the size of Water attacks.

Razor Shell: Slashes the opponent with shells.

Scald: Shoots boiling water at the opponent.

Soak: Shoots sticky water on an opponent. This water stays longer on the opponent than other attacks.

Surf: Summons a wave of water. An opponent may surf on it too, if he knows the move!

Water Gun: Blasts the opponent with shots of water

Water Pledge: Creates columns of water under the opponent. It can power-up on a Fire Pledge in order to form a Rainbow, which brings luck to the users, or it can be used to power-up a Grass Pledge in order to create a swamp.

Water Pulse: Throws a ring of condensed water, exploding the moment the ring touches something.

Water Sport: Soaks self with water, making fire weaker. on himself.

Water Spout: Bursts with water. The more healthy the user is, the more water he can spout at once.

Waterfall: Strikes the opponent while riding a stream of water.

Whirlpool: Creates a whirlpool inside water.

Withdraw: Hides behind or inside a shell.


Adaptability: You have a natural understanding of your types, and thus can bring more easily the potential of attacks of your same type.

Aftermath: When you can't fight anymore, you can decide to explode, causing you to fall unconscious for half a day while still hurting a nearby opponent.

Air Lock: The user prevents any weather.

Analytic: The user can easily delay a Move and strike with much better timing and power.

Anger Point: Critical wounds make you reeaally angry!

Anticipation: You are able to anticipate powerful attacks the moment an opponent decides to use one.

Arena Trap: You are able to modify the terrain, in order for the opponent to fall into quicksands. A quicksand created lasts a minute before going back to a normal terrain.

Bad Dreams: Opponents that are drowsy or asleep gets their stamina drained away. The closer they are to sleep, the faster their stamina is drained.

Battle Armor: You have a sturdy skin that prevents attacks from reaching critical points.

Big Pecks: Your defenses are well-made, and never breaks.

Blaze: Adrenaline from defeat drawing near causes your fire attacks to be more powerful.

Chlorophyll: The sun stimulates you, allowing you to run faster.

Clear Body: Your body has a particular substance, preventing opponents from lowering your abilities.

Cloud Nine: The user prevents any weather.

Color Change: The user can change his color to match the background, making himself more difficult to see.

Compoundeyes: You have special eyes, which allows you to see the world more precisely than a normal Gijinka.

Contrary: Moves that tries to affect the user's behavior actually do the opposite (such as Torment and Swagger).

Cursed Body: The user has a cursed body which sometimes applies a Disable when the user is hit, causing the opponent to temporarily learn how to use whatever attack he just used.

Cute Charm: Your cute charms causes opponent of the opposite gender to show trouble on taking the decision to hit you.

Damp: The user can prevent an opponent from exploding himself by throwing water on him.

Defeatist: You easily lose hope when things go bad.

Defiant: Despite opponents weakening you, your will to fight continues to burn.

Download: By modifying your own data, you can increase one of your two Attack stats. It takes a few seconds to download and install. Two Downloads may not be used a once.

Drizzle: You can instantly summon rainy clouds. Won't work if not outside.

Drought: You can instantly summon the Sunlight. Won't work if not outside.

Dry Skin: Rain refreshes you, recovering your wounds and stamina slightly faster than normal. However, heat affects you a lot more, tiring you faster.

Early Bird: You wake up a lot more easily, making sleep-inducing moves much less effective.

Effect Spore: Hitting you causes spore to be released, which may have various side effects.

Filter: You have a better resistance against moves that have type advantage over you.

Flame Body: Your body burns those who makes contact with you.

Flare Boost: Fire on you can be used to fuel your special attacks.

Flash Fire: The user can absorb flames and use them to power-up his own Fire moves.

Flower Gift: When the sun is strong, the user produces a flower scent which enchants the user and his allies, causing them to be more resistant to special attacks as well as to be able to draw physical power more easily.

Forecast: The user adapts his skin to match that of the weather.

Forewarn: The user can predict the opponent's more powerful move.

Friend Guard: The user creates a link with his teammates. As long as the user is still conscious, his teammates are slightly protected by attacks

Frisk: You are able to identify items someone is wearing.

Gluttony: You have trouble resisting the urge of eating a berry.

Guts: You are able to take advantage of an abnormality to increase your power.

Harvest: Berries around you grow back to a healthy state, even after been eaten. An eaten berry takes an hour to grow back. It also causes berries used with Natural Gift to grow back after only 5 minutes instead of 10.

Healer: You radiate an healing aura, which slowly cures abnormalities.

Heatproof: You resist heat a lot more easily.

Heavy Metal: You are a lot more heavy.

Honey Gather: You are attracted by Honey, and find them naturally.

Huge Power: You have a natural higher strength.

Hustle: The user focuses on power while losing accuracy in hits.

Hydration: When under rain, your body automatically cleans problems from your body.

Hyper Cutter: No matter how much someone tries to weaken you, your physical attacks will always be as strong.

Ice Body: Your body can absorb snow and hail, making you heal your wounds and stamina slightly faster than normal.

Illuminate: You are able to radiate a light without effort.

Illusion: You are able to create illusion. However, while you can change your appearance through an illusion, you cannot make yourself invisible. Hitting any illusion reverts it to its normal appearance.

Immunity: You are immune to poison.

Imposter: Your Transform ability is even faster to execute.

Infiltrator: You are able to bypass Reflects, Light Screens and Safeguards very easily.

Inner Focus: You can hold ground and keep your attack going even after getting hit.

Insomnia: Sleeping is so difficult for you, moves that tries to force you into sleep have no effect.

Intimidate: You are naturally intimidating, making others a bit more scared of approaching you.

Iron Barbs: Metal spikes on your body hurts an opponent that tries to hit you with contact moves.

Iron Fist: Your fist is harder, making punch moves more powerful.

Justified: Your fighting spirit increases as opponents use Dark Moves.

Keen Eye: Your eyes stay sharp even through obscurity and sand.

Klutz: You are able to make your held items not have any effect.

Leaf Guard: The sun causes your body to shield you from abnormalities.

Levitate: You can float in the air like you weight nothing.

Light Metal: You are less heavy.

Lightningrod: Electricity is naturally drawn to you. You are also immune to it if it touches the appendage that draws it (such as a horn), but you may still be hurt if it touches your body. If you are an electric type, this can be used to power-up your own electric move.

Limber: Your muscles are particular, preventing you from being paralyzed.

Liquid Ooze: Your blood is different, causing any opponent who tries to drain your stamina lose stamina instead.

Magic Bounce: You naturally generate a Magic Coat layer on your body. An attack with no power gets reflected back to the opponent, and causes the Magic Bounce to weaken for 5 seconds. An attack with power hurts the user as normal, but does not break the Magic Bounce.

Magic Guard: You naturally have a protective layer on your skin, which prevents indirect attacks from hurting you.

Magma Armor: Your body is so hot ice automatically melts, making it impossible to freeze you.

Magnet Pull: You can generate magnetic field, which draws closer or farther metallic items to you.

Marvel Scale: The more you are wounded, the harder your skin becomes.

Minus: You naturally generate Negative electricity. If a Gijinka or Pokemon with Plus is nearby, your electricity exchanges between each other, causing your special attacks to be stronger.

Mold Breaker: The user knows how to bypass defensive abilities which would normally weaken or prevent one of his attacks.

Moody: Sometimes, you feel like doing something, and don't feel like doing something else, which randomly changes every so often. You are able to do something you feel like doing a lot better than usual, while you can't concentrate on doing you don't feel like doing. (not limited to stats!)

Motor Drive: You can use electricity in order to move faster.

Moxie: The longer your winning streak, the higher your fighting spirit, as you don't want to lose this winning streak.

Multiscale: The user naturally generates a particular set of scales, which blocks the first hit they get in a battle. They may be healed back onto their body.

Multitype: The user draws energy from a plate, allowing him to copy the properties of this energy on his body.

Mummy: You are afflicted with a permanent curse. Should someone makes physical contact with you, he temporarily contracts that curse, which eliminates all his abilities temporarily. That person keeps that curse for 10 minutes, then gains immunity for an hour. While he is afflicted, he can also spread the curse himself.

Natural Cure: You cure yourself from abnormalities a bit faster.

No Guard: You aren't afraid of taking any attack, and thus can focus entirely on landing your hits on opponents without even trying to defend yourself. This does not prevent an opponent to avoid your attacks, nor to keep their distance from you. However, one may be tempted to fight in a battle of brute force with you.

Normalize: You are unable to imbue any elemental property into your attack, making them all of the Normal type.

Oblivious: Other Gijinkas are unable to make you fall in love of them, as you have no care in the world for others showing love to you.

Overcoat: You have a skin that protects you from particles of the weather.

Overgrow: Adrenaline from defeat drawing near causes your grass attacks to be more powerful.

Own Tempo: By keeping a rhythm in your head, you are able to prevent yourself from getting dizzy.

Pickpocket: You are able to steal something from your opponent as he attacks you in melee range. However, you can't steal something that has a value (you can steal a document or something, but not a potion or an held item)

Pick-up: You can easily pick-up objects such as rocks in the middle of a battle. Getting back an item taken away with Knock Off is easy too.

Plus: You naturally generate Positive electricity. If a Gijinka or Pokemon with Minus is nearby, your electricity exchanges between each other, causing your special attacks to be stronger.

Poison Heal: Poison in your body actually heals you instead of weakening you.

Poison Point: Your skin radiates poison, which may cause someone doing contact with you to become poisoned.

Prankster: Using moves that do not hurt an opponent are easier to use for you, and thus it takes less time to use one.

Pressure: The user is so imposing, it takes more guts to actually fight him. This causes every attack to tire its user a bit more.

Pure Power: You have a natural higher strength.

Quick Feet: You are able to take advantage of a status abnormality, making you move faster.

Rain Dish: Rain refreshes you, recovering your stamina slightly faster than normal.

Rattled: Your fear of ghosts, bugs and evil causes you to run faster when hit by a move of those types.

Reckless: You aren't afraid of using risky attacks, allowing you to reach a better potential for recoil moves.

Regenerator: You quickly regenerate your wounds when not battling.

Rivalry: You fight better against opponents of the same gender.

Rock Head: You have a hard skin, which prevents you from hurting yourself when using risky moves.

Rough Skin: Your skin is rough, which makes other opponents hurt themselves when they hit you with a physical move.

Run Away: You know how to run away, no one can catch you back when you do try to run away. Trapping moves and abilities, however, give you a lot of trouble to pass through.

Sand Force: You are able to use a sandstorm to power-up steel, rock and ground moves.

Sand Rush: You feel a lot more comfortable running inside a sandstorm, you can actually run better in it than normally.

Sand Stream: You can naturally summon a sandstorm. Does not work if you are not outside.

Sand Veil: You are able to hide your presence inside a sandstorm, making it harder to see you.

Sap Sipper: You are able to absorb grass moves and use their energy to power-up your muscles.

Scrappy: The user is able to hit Ghosts with Normal moves by placing some of its spirit in their attacks.

Serene Grace: You know how bring the secondary potential of an offensive move, making them happen more often.

Shadow Tag: As you touch someone, you create a link between both of you. As long as this link isn't broken, the opponent is unable to stray away too far from you, like this was a rope attached to you. The link is broken when one of the two is defeated or after 5 minutes have passed. Also, any Gijinka or Pokemon with Shadow Tag may decide to cut the link, user or target.

Shed Skin: Your skin has two layers. You can easily take away a part in order to throw away something that is stuck on your skin.

Sheer Force: Your attacks are all brute force, as you are only trying to damage an opponent and are not trying to cause any secondary effect.

Shell Armor: Your armor protects you from attacks that would have reach a critical point.

Shield Dust: You have a layer of dust, which blocks secondary effects from attacks.

Simple: You are so simple, you get affected easily by moves that tries to affect your behaviour.

Skill Link: Linking attacks is easy for you, and thus you can continue a long time with moves that hits multiple times in a row

Slow Start: You have trouble getting concentrated into a battle for the first moments.

Sniper: You know how to cause a maximum damage when hitting a critical point.

Snow Cloak: You are able to hide your presence in snow, making it harder to see you.

Snow Warning: You are able to summon a snowstorm automatically.

Solar Power: You may absorb energy from the sun to power-up your special moves. However, it has the side-effect of draining your stamina faster.

Solid: You resist your weakness a bit easier.

Soundproof: At any time, you may decide to block your ability to hear anything, immunizing you against sound-based attacks.

Speed Boost: You move faster when you are warmed up.

Stall: Your stamina drops slower than normal.

Static: You naturally generate electricity, which may paralyze someone that comes in contact with you.

Steadfast: You know how to bounce away after a hit that interrupts you, disallowing an enemy to keep attacks coming, and possibly countering back.

Stench: You smell so bad it can destabilize nearby people!

Sticky Hold: It is impossible to make you drop an item or a weapon.

Storm Drain: You are able to absorb lake water or water in the ground in order to increase your special attack. You are also immune to water type moves, as you absorb them.

Sturdy: The user can keep fighting for a few more seconds after an attack that would normally have knocked him out.

Suction Cups: You are able to keep your ground, preventing you from being knock-backed.

Super Luck: Luck tends to be on your side.

Swarm: Adrenaline from defeat drawing near causes your bug attacks to be more powerful.

Swift Swim: Moving under rain or in water is natural to you, you can actually run faster in those conditions.

Synchronize: Targets an opponent using sight, creating an invisible link. If you are afflicted with an abnormality, the target gets afflicted with this abnormality too. The link disappears after 10 minutes.

Tangled Feet: You are able to move in an unpredictable manner when dizzy, making it harder to aim at you.

Technician: You are full of ideas on how to increase the offensive potential of weak moves.

Telepathy: You are able to speak through telepathy.

Teravolt: By using electricity, the user can bypass an opponent's defensive ability.

Thick Fat: Heat and Cold doesn't affect you much.

Tinted Lens: Despite resistances, you are able to tweak moves in order to bypass a resistance to its type.

Torrent: Adrenaline from defeat drawing near causes your water attacks to be more powerful.

Toxic Boost: You are able to draw power from poison inside your body.

Trace: You may change your own body or mind properties to become the same as an opponent.

Truant: You are lazy, even in battle.

Turboblaze: Using fire, you are able to bypass defensive abilities of opponents.

Unaware: You are easily able to ignore an opponent that tries to influence you.

Unburden: You are used to holding items, and feel a lot lighter when taking an heavy item away.

Unnerve: Your presence makes it impossible to eat fast enough.

Victory Star: Luck is on your side.

Vital Spirit: You are always wide awake when fighting, and it is impossible to make you drowsy or asleep.

Volt Absorb: Electricity does not hurt you, and actually recharges your stamina.

Water Absorb: You can absorb a lot of water at once. It will not cure your wounds, but will hydrate you.

Water Veil: It is impossible for fire to ignite on you.

Weak Armor: You have an armor that is made only to protect from a few hits. Each hit taken breaks it, while at the same time making you lighter. It can easily be repaired.

White Smoke: You naturally generate a white smoke, which makes you feel at ease, no matter how much the opponent is trying to weaken you.

Wonder Guard: Your existance is very faint. Unlike other ghosts, you can phase out of every physical contact, no matter with what type it was. Not even Odor Sleuth and Foresight helps. You are only hurt by magical properties attacks. However, you need to deactivate Wonder Guard temporarily in order to touch anything with your own body. Items you hold (including clothes) phase out along with you. The Defense stat is associated with Wonder Guard: the Higher it is, the more easily you are able to control your Wonder Guard.

Wonder Skin: Your skin is able to protect abnormalities a lot more easily.

Zen Mode: When you are tired or feel a certain amount of pain, your body and mind shift entirely, your body becoming a lot tougher but a lot slower too, while you become as smart as you had guts. (Attack and Sp. Attack exchanges, Speed becomes the average of both Defenses, and both Defenses becomes your speed)
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