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 Seishu's Lumberjack Business

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PostSubject: Seishu's Lumberjack Business   Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:11 pm

As i walk into a forest full of trees, i look around with for a tree with the brightest aura. After wander keep into the forest i was able to find a tree with a bright aura but it wasnt thick enough, as i head back i stumble upon a weird herb i have never seen before and its aura was shining brighty, i decided to pick it and take it back to the town herb center

The 2nd day i was able find a nice tree with thick wood and bright aura, i marked the place just in case if there was a better tree. after looking around for 30 minutes in the forest i couldnt find a better tree let alone a tree with a bright aura. i came back to the same tree and started to use metal claw. After 3 long hours i was able cut the tree then cut it again for lumber.

Even thou i have gotten the all the lumber needed for the bonfiree and the town i decided to go back and get some herbs as research. As i travel the middle of the forest i see bunch of herbs and decided to pick them. I looked at each aura of the herb, the ones with blue aura were healing herbs the one with darker ones are poisonous, i only picked the healing herbs. then sold them to the herb center
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PostSubject: Re: Seishu's Lumberjack Business   Sat Feb 11, 2012 1:16 pm

i kept looking for more wood for the bonfire because i wanted the bon fire to be big as possible. I kept searching for hours and hours, then i finally found a pile of decent tree. I looked around to see if ther were more trees like that but ther werent. I started to slash the tree with metal claws. As the tree was slashed into lumber i tied them all together and started to head back to the shore. However on my way back i saw bunch of high quality medical herbs, and rare fruits. I couldnt just leave them alone. So i gently put the lumber down on the ground and took out my pouch. I carefully dug out area of the herbs and pulled them without deattaching its roots. Next i used force palm on a tree with the fruits and grabbed them before they landed on the ground. I picked up the lumber Then suddenly ssomething crawled back in my coat. i threw the lumber up and took it out. it turned out to be a harmless caterpie i gave it sum fruit. then i caught lumber and headed back
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PostSubject: Re: Seishu's Lumberjack Business   Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:04 pm

After Exploring the Fissure a while i decided it would be best to make a bridge there. I went in the forest and found trees with decent auras. I Started to use metal claws. I kept slashing and Slashing but then i thought of an idea. I placed my palm on the tree. I gathered energy around my hand, then shot it out. (force palm) but i saw no hole in the tree. i removed my hand from the tree and there it was. A hole and it was the perfect size the base that was holding the tree was enough for me to cut off with only of jab with metal claw. The tree fell down. However the other 2 tree behind the tree that just fell also had a hole in them, and i thought

Ehh why not they do have decent auras

so after jabbing the 2 trees down i piled them on top of each other and slashed away. however the amount of lumber was to much i couldnt carry them all. I seperated the lumber into 2 groups one with large amount of lumber (enough for me to carry) and small amount (left over), i threw the small amount of lumber where The Fissure was. Soon enough after making sure all the knots were tight, and started to set on my journey to help supply wood for the bridge

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PostSubject: Re: Seishu's Lumberjack Business   Wed Feb 15, 2012 7:55 pm

Start again: more money needed

I havent chopped wood for a while, so i decided to go back into the forest and find some tree. I looked around for what it seems like for hours and hours but no tree had any decent auras. Then suddenly i tripped on something. It wasnt a something normal. IT was a root.
I didnt know how i didnt see this root earlier but its aura was shining. i Followed the root to the base and found the tree in the middle of the forest

Oh my gosh this must be the center of the forest

i gapped at the very side of the tree. Its branchs alone were bigger then the rest of the trees. however i decided not to chop it. On my way back i did find some herbs so this wasnt a total lose. Well not to me anyway.
But 1 day ill chop that tree down

END of solo rp until further notice
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PostSubject: Re: Seishu's Lumberjack Business   

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Seishu's Lumberjack Business
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