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 Fishing away the moments that make up a dull day

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PostSubject: Fishing away the moments that make up a dull day    Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:40 pm

Sapphire smiled as she walked across the beach. The beach party had been fun yesterday but now she had to return to work today. Though she didn't hate her job, she just wanted to do something more with her life. She felt like she had a higher calling then just staying at the beach fishing all day. But for now she was stuck here gathering fish to sell and bring to market. Maybe her trip to the market after her catches for the day would be interesting. She always looked forward to market day, as it was a change of pace and she got to meet new people. Of course make some money too but she didn't really have much to spend on it. Sure she could look for a bigger house and stuff but she liked her little sea side shack, though a cottage would be nice and beautiful. Although it would be expensive. No matter she would work for every single pokedollar to buy a nice seaside cottage.

Sapphire walked along the sand of the beach, making sure to clear her way past the tourists visiting as they were rather annoying to the fishermen as they made too much noise and scared away fish. Though Sapphire smiled and waved to them anyway. No need to be rude after all.

Finally Sapphire made it to her secret fishing spot along the shore. Every fisherman had their sweet spot and this was hers. Sapphire cast out her line and waited for a nibble.

Sapphire dozed off as it took awhile to catch her first fish but she managed to get one, a Magikarp or as fishermen affectionately called them Magikrap. It would sell for something but it was not what you wanted to "waste" bait on. Sapphire sighed and left the fish to the side.

She cast out her rod again and put her feet into the surf to try and get a little deeper to see if she could get a better fish. However her nibble again was met by a magikarp. Sapphires sighed and placed it in her little container. Ok she needed a money maker, so she figured she would venture into deeper waters.

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Fishing away the moments that make up a dull day
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