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 [job] extermination of the beedrills

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PostSubject: [job] extermination of the beedrills   Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:02 am

I rushed into the Dawn HQ with bandages all over my hand.


I need help, a group of beedrills have made a nest in the near the entrance of the forest and they are reproducing very quickly.

I looked around but the moment i said beedrills every either ran to there office or pretended to do some paper work. i quickly grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down details of the current mission and my contact number. I just sum tape and slammed it on the bulletin board and walked outside. Cursing under my breathe. DAMNED BEEDRILLS! As i was walking outside i saw ferns office a mercenary, then i remembered maybe he can help me. i walked into his office but there was no one ther. i asked the people around me and they said we went on a mission to help explorer the cave.

Damit i have the worst luck. i grabbed a chair sat by his door and waited for his return or for someone to pick up that sheet and is brave enough to go throu with it
Fern was taking to long so walked outside to get sum fresh air and cool down

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PostSubject: Re: [job] extermination of the beedrills   Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:23 am

As Axel walked trough the streets he looked around him, noticing someone making a commotion near the explorer's guild, Sigh, i gues these people are so brutish, i still wonder why they even try to converse with such great people such as i He had to find a way to make some money but working for such a guild, was a thing he would never do.

now where would be a job good enough for me, since i'm such a great person, a job where i could destroy thing would be best for me though.

He then looked at the man who made the commotion earlier, and was thinking of making use of him. he walked towards him and jumped on a table, he then proceeded to strike a pose.

"Alas poor wanderer, i am finally here, to make sure you have no way of losing confidence, in you're journey. he took a glance at the man, before he struck his poser again. yes, i am real... you can touch me once, if you so desire.
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PostSubject: Re: [job] extermination of the beedrills   Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:28 am

As i was about to laugh in his face i studied his aura, it wasnt blue it was red however his aura gave out a immense pressure, with this i thought i could use him for my little problem. so i asked him

Hey how would you like to help me cause a bloodshed in the forest? Im currently looking for sum1 to hunt the beedrills with since they reproduce so quickly

I grinned evily as i told him bout beedrills and i saw that look he had the moment i mentioned bloodshed. I thought about this for second, should i work with a evil person with him, however i decided to go thru with it since i was in a hurry
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PostSubject: Re: [job] extermination of the beedrills   Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:42 am

Axel got the biggest grin on his face when the man mentioned bloodshed, this grin would give anyone a uncomfortable feeling. Bloodshed you say, now that would be interesting, and you'd say i would be rewarded for this with money, then you could count me in, but we would have to do this tommorow, as i am planning on doing some things today. he walked away rather abstractly without even waiting. he was getting rather bored and wanted to kill those beedrills, but his company called, and he couldn't just leave it there. He would meet the man tommorow in the forest, ready to destroy some beedrills
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PostSubject: Re: [job] extermination of the beedrills   

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[job] extermination of the beedrills
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