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 Rules (Must read)

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Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Rules (Must read)   Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:19 am

The rules must be read before beginning to Role Play.

Player Rules

-Use common sense: No insult, no racism, no spam, etc. We want members to respect each others. If someone is insulting you, please contact a Moderator or an Admin, and if you absolutely have to reply, be courteous and reply in Private if it does not contribute to the topic.

-Use a good English. We do not ask for a perfect English, we only ask that to write a good enough English so that everyone can understand what you write without problem. Use a dictionnary or a corrector if you have trouble.

-Use the Edit function. If you post something and you notice you forgot to mention something, don't post a second post, edit your previous message.

-Before posting a new Topic, read the Stickies and Announcements. They contain important informations that may be necessary to know, including section rules.

-Your name must be that of your character, and your avatar must represent your character. They are necessary to have your character validated. If you can't find an avatar of your Gijinka that you like, put your pokemon as an avatar and request a Gijinka avatar to an artist. Also, you can change your username in your profile, in case you created your account before deciding your character's name.

-If you need to be away for multiple days or longer, finish topics you are participating in. We don't want other Role Players to be unable to continue because one player isn't there.

Role Play Rules

-Don't write too much. This forum has been created with the ideal of Role Plays where the length of a post is not a quality. RP posts that are too long tend to slow down Role Play and make too much action for a very small time span. The ideal of a normal post stands around 5 lines. If you have to write more than 10 lines, it must be because there is that much action to be written, and that no player can possibly intervene between those actions. That is normally from solo RPs or posts where you enter or leave a RP.
Things that should be avoided: Detailed description of objects or a place that you don't even examine, thoughts that takes too long (remember that thinking actually takes time!), actions of a NPC that does nothing related to the RP...

-In a Role Play with 3 players or more, let everyone participate equally. We don't want to see someone get left out of a RP because others kept RPing while he couldn't.

-When you create your character sheet, write "Moe anthropomorphism" at the end of your topic. This is to ensure you have read the Rules. We'll remove it as we validate your character sheet

Character Rules

-Your character may say insults, but up to a certain limit. Remember that your character has a reason to hate somebody, but also that he cannot insult a player. Do remember that while a character may hate the other character, it does not mean the Player hates the other Player.

-You may only control your own character and NPCs. That means you can't decide another character's action. In a battle, you do not decide if he gets hit by one of your attacks, only the other may decide it. If you feel that a Player is making its character dodge abnormally too much, you can warn him, then contact a Moderator or an Admin if he continues.

-You cannot kill another character, for obvious reasons. The only way you can do that is if that player wants to.

-Be realist in your actions. You must stay true to the information you have written as you submitted your character. If it's a calm and wise character, he's not going to murder people without a reason. Naturally, all character may change with time. Likewise in battle, your character gets tired and can't dodge everything. You can't keep battling as well as you normally would if you get wounded. And learning a Move isn't instant, you may know how to execute it but you will need to practice it.


Depending on the extent and repetition of the violation, we can choose to just warn you or ban you for a variable time. In a case of a long ban, you may lose the participation in the RPs that you were participating in.

If you think that a Moderator or an Administrator is abusing of its power or is making unfair decisions, you can contact a superior and filling in the problem. We will take action if valid.
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Rules (Must read)
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