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 Description of Cross Headquarters

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Suida Quaria

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PostSubject: Description of Cross Headquarters   Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:20 am

This building, on the exterior, is built by a black metal. There are lot of glasses, which aren't possible to look through from the outside. It looks like a normal office building, except...

The interior is a whole lot different. On the lobby, there is a giant statue of a male Drapion with his arms open, like it would welcome you. It is the representation of the boss, Axel Wildcross. There is only one elevator, which leads to Axel's office. This room is the only in the building that is furnished. Inside of it, there is a big wooden desk. There is a door leading to his chambers.

The rest of the rooms only have desks and chairs, with the exception of the Hallway downstair. This room has a counter, with a secretary sitting behind. They change depending on the day of the week.

Monday: Female Cacturne
Tuesday: Male Raichu
Wednesdays: Female Gyarados
Thursdays: Male Scizor
Friday: Female Toxicroak
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Description of Cross Headquarters
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