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 Axel's journal of praise and self loving

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PostSubject: Axel's journal of praise and self loving   Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:50 am

"Dear journal, i've decided i will take my time with candy... she's interesting."

Name:Axel Wildcross
Age: 28

Appearance:He is wearing a dark purple armor that shows off his muscles and wears a Dark purple helmet with a large tail on it. this tail can be used as a weapon, since it has a claw on it, he also wears dark pants. he wears dark purple feet support, and has claws on his feet. Beneath his helmet he has white long hair, and Dark blue eyes. He has Giant dark purple claws as a hand, which can use poison attacks. There are blue gems in all of his claws

Mentality:Axel takes pride in his own strength, and loves making the weak suffer, he likes to destroy stuff, and also turn others into personal slaves. He likes to command other people what to do, but dislikes being commanded. He is what you'd call "Bad to the bone", so when you get in his way, you'd be better of just moving a couple of inches to the right.

Job:Super Villain

Item/Weapon:Giant poison Claws

-Pin missiles
-poison sting

Ability: Sniper

Additional Ability: Extending his tail for more reach

Malus the M.attack
Bonus on P.attack

Gold: 360
Location: Cross headquartes

Likes- Evil things
Dislikes- Heroic things
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Axel's journal of praise and self loving
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