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 Onto Deeper Waters

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PostSubject: Onto Deeper Waters   Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:33 am

Sapphire removed her fishing pole from its anchor in the sand. She left her container of magikarp behind, she doubted anyone would try and steal her two fish. Especially since they were magikarp. And well she didn't know if anyone knew about her secret spot anyway. Sapphire carefully walked onto the water. She took one last look at her fishing stand and her cooler full of the magikarp to make sure it was still there. Even if they were crap fish they would be useful for dinner or small cash that would add up to big cash.

Delicately she advanced forward across the water, not wanting to fall in as each step had to be done carefully or she would fall into the ocean along with her fishing rod. Once she got far enough to be in deeper water but still have the shore and her things somewhat in view she cast her line again into the ocean. And played the awful waiting game once more. Hopefully something better was on the line then magikarp. Though not too heavy that she could not reel it in.

Sapphire eyed the bobber like a hawk. AHA! it sank and she quickly applied pressure and reeled in her catch. She dueled with the fish until finally the goldeen tired out and she won! Wasn't the best but it would sell more than the two magikarp. She smiled and brought her tired catch to the shore and threw it in her crammed cooler. There we are work was done for the day. She needed more storage, and made a note to get it in town.
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Onto Deeper Waters
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