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 Battle for The Sweet Spot!

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PostSubject: Battle for The Sweet Spot!    Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:01 pm

Sapphire returned to her to fishing spot. And much to her surprise she found that another fisher was using it. A Krabby, ugh. Appeared this one took the pokemon trait of being an annoyance to fisher. And this was stealing fish too, the bastard. Only he wasn't hungry he was greedy and Sapphire was not in the mood to share with a rival fisher. If it were just a pokemon she might toss it a magikarp, if she wasn't going to sell it or use it for bait.

However no this guy was on her sacred ground and breaking a rule set by all fishers. Don't you dare fish in someone else's sweet spot.

Sapphire marched over to the Krabby. "Hey get out of my spot please!" said Sapphire angry.

"Your spot? This is my spot now. I don't see your name on it" replied the Krabby snarkily.

"Yes this is my spot, can't you see the holder I left for a surf pole. Now leave and find your own spot. Nobody likes a scavenger". Sapphire placed her hands on her hips and glared at the Krabby.

"Go Away Kid, this is my spot now" said the krabby returning to his line.

Sapphire growled. So, this would have to get rough.
"If you don't want to leave then I will fight you for it" declared Sapphire. She flexed her arm in an attempt to intimidate the Krabby.

Naturally this didn't work and the krabby just laughed. However that was stopped when he was tackled to the sand. The krabby spat bubbles at Sapphire. They stung but she was not letting up so easily. She spat water into his face to make him cut out the bubbles.

However the Krabby, perhaps a bit perverted pinched her butt with his claws causing her to jump off of him in pain.

"OW!!!!". Sapphire rubbed where she was just rather rudely and painfully pinched.

Sapphire growled and tackled the krabby again and was met with a vicegrip with one of his claws again onto her arm. Making a gash. She tackled him again.

"Alright alright fine fine!! The spot is yours just leave me alone" muttered the krabby getting himself up the ground and then gathering his gear. He left to find another place to spin.

And thus the sweet spot was reclaimed, at least for now!

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Battle for The Sweet Spot!
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